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Believe Your Own Eyes

Tyler Austin Harper The Atlantic
We are asked to believe that the debate was just one bad night, that presidents can have 90-minute stretches of befuddlement. We are asked to believe that this will not happen again. We are asked not to believe our own instincts, our own senses.

Long COVID Puzzle Pieces Are Falling Into Place

Ziyad Al-Aly The Conversation
Important progress is being made in understanding the pathways by which long COVID wreaks havoc on the body. Studies suggest that an abnormal immune response may underlie long COVID. Removing these antibodies may hold promise as a treatment.

‘He’s Dangerous. So Is His Book.’

Michael Kruse Politico
An Appalachian writer says Hillbilly Elegy played to bogus notions on the left and right about the impoverished region. The only thing that benefited was Vance’s political career.

Donald, You’re No Teddy Roosevelt

Mike Konopacki The Cap Times
Since the shooting at Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, pundits have gone from branding it "unprecedented" (which it's not) to comparing it to other incidents of political violence that have plagued our nation.