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In 49 States, Your Boss Can Hold You Captive

Hamilton Nolan Working In These Times
Minnesota just banned captive audience meetings, presumably understanding that it is unreasonable to force working people to attend mandatory meetings at which their boss delivers to them the equivalent of an Ayn Rand book reading.

FISA Is the “Trust Me, Chumps!” Surveillance Act

James Bovard CounterPunch
Going back more than 20 years, FISA court rulings have complained of FBI agents lying to the court and abusing the law. As long as the FBI periodically promises to repent, the FISA court entitles them to continue decimating the Fourth Amendment.

The Character Assassination of San Francisco

Ari Paul FAIR
Homelessness and poverty are the tragic results of unfettered capitalism and raging inequality, whether it’s in rural West Virginia or in San Francisco’s Tenderloin.

Friday Nite Videos | May 26, 2023

The Corporate Money Behind 'No Labels.' Tina Turner Talks About Gaining Respect in the Music Industry. Henry Kissinger Is 100 and Still Free, Somehow | Mehdi Hasan. After Uvalde: Guns, Grief & Texas Politics. AI Assists 50-Year Math Breakthrough.

Trump and DeSantis: (White Nationalist) Peas in a Pod

Clarence Lusane tomdispatch
Sadly, the problem isn’t just Trump — or DeSantis either. The horror of our moment is the way the base of the Republican Party has come to embrace the most extreme views and policies

Cancelling Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Mary Anne Trasciatti Labor and Working Class History Association
Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire had a marker at Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's childhood home removed just two weeks after it was unveiled, arguing that Flynn did not deserve such recognition because she was “un-American.”

Is Exercise Really Good for the Brain? What the Science Says

Matthieu P. Boisgontier and Boris Cheval The Conversation
It is common for scientific studies to produce apparently conflicting results, but the benefits of physical activity on a wide range of physical and mental health outcomes remain undeniable.