Friday Nite Videos -- February 26, 2016
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Get Up Stand Up | Song Around The World
Bob Marley's brilliant call to arms, one of the most covered songs ever, is here performed by a global collaboration of grassroots artists.

The Big Lebowski Silences Donald Trump
See just how many times the Big Lebowski needs to tell Donny to "Shut the f**k up."

Gravitational Waves Hit the Late Show
What are gravitational waves, and why does it matter that we've seen them? Brian Greene stops by to demonstrate an exciting new scientific discovery.

Trump Ad by the Poorly Educated
One group of voters that Donald Trump did especially well with in the Nevada caucuses were the poorly educated. He even touted this fact during his victory speech.

Boots Riley Performs "Underdogs"
At "I Love Malcolm: A Legacy of Love and Liberation," Rapper Boots Riley (The Coup) performs "Underdogs."

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