Friday Nite Videos -- May 6, 2016
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Trump Becomes the Nominee
Seth Meyers takes a closer look at how Donald Trump became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

Ravel's Bolero in Mexico
Flash Mob performs Bolero in the town square of Toluca, Mexico. Performed by the Toluca Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gerardo Urbán y Fernandez.

John Oliver: Cicadas
Billions of cicadas will soon emerge after spending 17 years underground. John Oliver fills them in on what's happened since 1999.

Georgetown University's Legacy of Slavery
Nightly Show resident blegghead Felonious Munk weighs in on whether Georgetown University owes a debt to the descendants of its former slaves. 

Donald Trump: Nomination of a Birther
Donald Trump started on a lie seven years ago: a challenge of Pres. Obama’s birth certificate. Lawrence O'Donnell looks at the evolution from birther to presumptive nominee.

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