Friday Nite Videos -- September 23, 2016
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Reverend Barber: We Need To See The Video
Reverend Dr. William Barber, President of the North Carolina state chapter of the NAACP, talks about the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott and the unrest that has followed in Charlotte.

Jordan Klepper Finds Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally
Jordan Klepper gets Donald Trump supporters to share their non-reality-based opinions about Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf
Sen. Elizabeth Warren relentlessly demands the meaning of being accountable. Have you resigned? Have you returned one nickel? Have you fired a single senior executive?

The Trump Taj Mahal Is Closing: Did It Make Atlantic City Great?
When it opened in 1990, Donald Trump hailed it as the eighth wonder of the world.

Movie: Command and Control
A chilling, Dr. Strangelovian nightmare plays out at a Titan II missile complex in September, 1980. A deadly accident – a falling socket puncturing the fuel tank of an intercontinental ballistic missile  – leads Air Force personnel, weapon designers, and first responders to work feverishly to prevent a calamitous explosion.

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