Friday Nite Videos | June 23, 2017
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Mueller Team Paints Picture of Trump-Russia Investigation
Who's on Special Counsel Mueller's Russia investigation team and what do their qualifications say where the investigation is going?

Jesse Winchester | Step by Step
Song by Jesse Winchester, from The Wire, Season 1. Winchester opposed the Vietnam War, moved to Canada in 1967, and after a Presidential amnesty in 1977 resettled in the United States.

We May Not Have Heard the End of the Tapes
Lawrence O'Donnell says Trump initially tweeted about "tapes" only because he can't keep himself from lying.

Trumpcare Protesters Block Hallway Outside McConnell's Office
A group of protesters blocked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) office on June 22nd to oppose the GOP health-care bill and cuts to Medicaid.

Randy Bryce Announces for Paul Ryan's Seat in Congress
Randy Bryce, local community activist and life-long resident of southeastern Wisconsin launches campaign for Congress in Wisconsin's first district to take on Speaker Paul Ryan.

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