What Should Progressives Take Away from State of the Union ?

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Author: Roger Hickey Co-director, Campaign for America's Future
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Campaign for America's Future

'We should be overjoyed that President Obama says he wants to lead a crusade for jobs - and even if he turns out to be too distracted (or not serious) to lead that fight and make it his biggest priority, WE should lead that battle, championing an even more ambitious agenda to create millions of jobs and robust economic growth.

'We should continue to say to Obama and Congress: "Enough with the economic austerity.  Let's declare victory on the debt and deficit front, dismantle the Congressionally-created "sequestration" cuts, and refocus on investing in jobs.

'We should fight like hell to make sure that Democrats don't support cuts in actual benefits for current and future recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - and we should make sure they don't change to the "chained CPI."  Take action right now to send this message to Congress.

'And we should work hard to support all the other progressive initiatives in President Obama's speech - from universal pre-k education to immigration reform to reducing gun violence."

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