The Party of Pedophiles and Pussy Grabbers
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Author: Anthony Squiers
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The Party of Pedophiles and Pussy Grabbers

 By Anthony Squiers

The GOP: "well okay…

it never really was about morality.

It's about winning seats and wielding power.

So what if Moore’s a perv?

He's our pervert.

So what if the Great Man:

paid off a pornstar,

obstructed justice,

is a sexist, racist,

Twitterist, fool?

He gave us a judge.

And is sticking it to the poor."


Look at these as lengths,

hypocrisies willing to be bared

for the naked pursuit of power.

They use it, you know

to line their cronies’ pockets

as well as their own.

This is the Grand Old Party. The party

that exults pedophiles

and pussy grabbers.

 Anthony Squiers, PhD, Habil. is a poet and social philosopher. His poetry has appeared in such publications as: CounterPunchRedWedgeRed PoetsConsciousness, Literature and the Arts, and Communications from the International Brecht Society. Currently, he is a professor of government at Tarrant County College and Privatdozent in American Studies at the Universität Passau in Germany. He is the author of: The Politics of the Sacred in America: The role of civil religion in political practice, An Introduction to the Social and Political Philosophy of Bertolt Brecht: Revolution and Aesthetics, and the novel, Madness and Insanity.

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