Reclaim Armistice Day!
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Author: United for Justice and Peace
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United for Justice and Peace

For several years now, Veterans For Peace has been working to reclaim November 11 as Armistice Day, a day when we commit ourselves to abolishing war.
Gerry Condon
President, Veterans For Peace

Veterans For Peace is taking the lead to #ReclaimArmisticeDay. This year, as we celebrate the 101st Anniversary of Armistice Day we call for November 11 to be observed as “a day dedicated to the cause of world peace," as it was celebrated at the end of World War I when the world came together to recognize the need for lasting peace.

Instead of celebrating militarism, we call for a celebration of peace and all of humanity. We demand an end to all forms of hate, patriarchy and white supremacy and we call for unity, fair treatment under the law and equality for all. We call for a tearing down of walls between borders and people. We call for an end to all hostilities at home and around the globe.

Let's #ReclaimArmisticeDay as a day for peace. Make sure to check out our website for ideas on ways you can take action. We have compiled an amazing amount of resources from various chapters to help make your Armistice Day a success! We have sample Armistice Day proclamations that chapters have used in their cities, a Litany of Bells, sample flyers and press releases and more!

Fire Drill Fridays! War and Military Inspired by urgent action needed to address climate change, Jane Fonda is upending her life and spending 4 months in Washington D.C. this fall. Every Friday she's there will be "Fire Drill Friday" to bring urgent attention to important intersectional analysis around Climate Change. Each week will feature a different theme.

Funding endless war is an existential threat to human life and one of the leading causes of climate change, which is why it's urgent that we come together in Washington D.C. and make the connection between U.S. militarism and climate change. On Friday, November 8th, Fire Drill Fridays will focus on War and Military.

Waging Peace in Vietnam: Book launch and Symposium on 50th Anniversary of the War on Vietnam The week-long series of events will include commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Mobilization Demonstration against the Vietnam War, the largest antiwar protest in American history. It also includes a book launch, a peace poetry open mic, three movies, the reenactment of Cortright v Resor and a full day symposium with the morning focused on convincing historians to include the GI Movement when teaching and writing about the war. There will also be a session focused on what veterans are doing to respond to the ongoing legacies of the war. Chuck Searcy, Ho Van Lai and Nguyen Phu from Project Renew will be in Washington for the week's events and speaking on the panel Friday afternoon along with Agent Orange survivors Tran Thi Hoan and Heather Bowser.

Check out the full schedule of events!

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