Global Left Midweek - July 1, 2020
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  1. Sudan: The March of the Millions Begins
  2. UK Labour’s “Anti-Semitism” Purge
  3. Defending Black Lives
  4. Pandemic Responses
  5. Southern Tunisia Erupts in Protest
  6. How Zapatistas Police
  7. Political Prisoners
  8. Legacies


The March of the Millions Begins  / Radio Dabanga (Khartoum)

Correcting the Revolution  Pavan Kulkarni / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

UK Labour’s “Anti-Semitism” Purge

Rebecca Long-Bailey  Heather Stewart / The Guardian (London)

Chris Williamson / The Canary (Bristol)

The Ruse  Joe Gill / Middle East Eye (London)

Defending Black Lives

African Writers: “Our Blood”  Chris Abani et al. / Al Jazeera (Doha)

Palestine  TRT World (Istanbul)

Greta Thunberg  Jessica Murray / The Guardian

Pandemic Responses

International Nurses Day  Anish R / Peoples Dispatch 

Indonesian Workers  Michele Ford / Open Democracy (London)

The Twin Pandemics  Imani Countess and William Minter / AfricaFocus (Washington)

Southern Tunisia Erupts in Protest

Sam Kimball / The National (Abu Dhabi)

The protests began as peaceful sit-in that had been going on for two weeks to demand that the government fulfill a 2017 agreement to distribute wealth more equitably and provide jobs in one of the country’s most marginalised regions.

How Zapatistas “Police”

Anya Briy / Open Democracy

The most instructive features of Zapatistas’ social organization are bottom-up decision-making, autonomous justice, education and healthcare systems, and cooperative economy.

Political Prisoners

Sweep of Arrests in Egypt  Tom Allinson and Lewis Sanders IV / Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

Simón Trinidad, Colombia  W.T. Whitney / CounterPunch (Petrolia CA)


Hachalu Hundessa, Ethiopia  / Deutsche Welle 

Haluk Savaş, Turkey   / Ahval

Zeev Sternhell, Israel  / France 24 (Paris)

Idir, Algeria  Nabil Boudraa / MERIP Report (Tacoma WA)

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