Dispatches From the Culture Wars - September 15, 2020

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The Great Divide

By Deirdre Walsh

Most voters are locked into their support for either President Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The small contingent of undecided voters said they are unenthusiastic about their choices.

Fires This Time

West Coast: The Future Has Arrived  By Peter Gleick, The Guardian

The Antifa Rumor  By Sara Boboltz, HuffPost

Covid Chronicles

Grieving Lost Moments  By Linda A. Thompson, Equal Times

NYC Restaurant Workers On the Edge  By Gary He, Eater

Racism and the Kansas City Chiefs

By Heather Hollingsworth and Dave Skretta
ABC News

The team prohibited fans from wearing headdresses or war paint. They had a pregame moment of silence for racial harmony. Some fans booed. 

The War on Roe

By Mary Ziegler
Boston Review

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling is only the latest twist in the convoluted legal history of women’s reproductive rights. The future looks no less partisan.

Women, Islam, and Islamophobia

By Graham Douglas
The Prisma

A documentary shows the panorama of reactions to India’s banning of an Islamic divorce procedure, in the context of campaigning for women’s rights.

Why Greed Is Not the Problem

By Hadas Thier
In These Times

Despite their pre­pos­ter­ous lifestyles, and the bar­bar­i­ty of the grow­ing inequal­i­ty between rich and poor, cap­i­tal­ists, too, are like gold-stud­ded cogs in the wheels of the sys­tem.

Audre Lorde’s Enduring Vision

By Gabrielle Bellot

Since her death in 1992, Lorde’s anger has become one of her signatures, and that anger—raw, gutting—speaks with extraordinary directness to contemporary America.

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