Global Left Midweek - December 15, 2021
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  1. Highlights of European Forum 2021 on Climate Crisis
  2. Chile Election: Zero Hour for Democracy
  3. Myanmar Storm Clouds
  4. Teachers Lead Strike Actions in Three Countries
  5. African Indigenous Are Furious at Big Oil
  6. Feminist Economic Solutions
  7. China: Vying Over the Mantle of “Democracy”
  8. Turkish Unions Mobilize For Fair Minimum Wage
  9. Serb Protests Press On
  10. Carlos Marighella: Ready For His Close-up?

Videos: Highlights from European Forum 2021 on Climate Crisis

Jeremy Corbyn, et al. / European Forum (Brussels)

Those gathered at the 5th Forum of Left, Green, and Progressive Forces state their commitment to support a popular mobilisation in defence of an environmental, feminist, social and economic reconstruction of Europe, based on respect for popular sovereignty, to jointly build a fully democratic, solidarity-based, egalitarian and socially advanced Europe. 

Chile Election: Zero Hour for Democracy

Down to the Wire  Michael Chessum / i (London)

International Warning  Ada Colau et al. / Progressive International

The Anti-Fascist Choice – How ‘Far Left’?  Robert L. Funk / Americas Quarterly (New York)

Myanmar Storm Clouds

Nationwide Silent Strike  / Myanmar Now (Yangon)

Armed Resistance On the Rise  Devjyot Ghoshal and Chanchinmawia / Reuters (London)

Junta Soldiers Defect to Democratic Opposition  Cyrielle Cabot / France 24 (Paris)

Teachers Lead Strike Actions

Italy: Teachers Lit the Fuse  Roberto Ciccarelli / il manifesto Global (Rome)

Iran  / Morning Star (London)

Australia  Jim McIlroy / Green Left (Sydney)

African Indigenous Are Furious at Big Oil

Victoria Schneider / Mongabay (Menlo Park)

Thousands of South Africans, including Indigenous communities, mobilized in a national protest against Shell’s planned seismic survey in search for oil and gas reserves off the country’s eastern Wild Coast – with more protests planned.

Feminist Economic Solutions

Jayati Ghosh / Social Europe (Berlin)

Feminist economists have long argued that the purpose of an economy is to support the survival and flourishing of life, in all its forms. This may seem obvious but it turns on its head the prevailing view, which implicitly assumes the opposite causation: the economy runs according to its own laws, which must be respected by mere human actors. 

China: Vying Over the Mantle of “Democracy”

Democracy With Chinese Characteristics?  Brian Wong / The Diplomat (Washington DC)

Whole-Process Democracy  She Yu / CGTN (Beijing)

Turkish Unions Mobilize for Fair Minimum Wage

Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

In a massive rally in Istanbul called by the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions (DiSK), workers demanded an increase in the minimum wage in the country amidst crippling inflation.

Serb Protests Press On

Sasa Dragojlo / Balkan Insight (Belgrade)

Protesters against a planned lithium mine in western Serbia are divided over whether to call off protests or continue action, after authorities promised to withdraw or amend laws that critics say were aimed at paving the way for the project.

Carlos Marighella: Ready For His Close-up?

Tom Hennigan / The Irish Times (Dublin)

Brazilian revolutionary Carlos Marighella was famed on the international left 50+ years ago as the author of Mimimanual of the Urban Guerrilla. Today, the biopic Marighella is the most watched film in Brazilian cinemas since the pandemic started. For many Brazilians celebrating the film has become an act of defiance against a neofascist president.

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