Friday Nite Videos | June 24, 2022
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 In Buffalo's Black Community: "I Can't Promise Them Safety"

A day with students, teachers, and staff at Tapestry Charter school in Buffalo, who are just beginning to try and move forward after their community was targeted in a racist attack. 

Jordan Klepper Shows Trump Supporters Jan. 6 Hearing Clips

Jordan Klepper heads to a Mississippi rally to figure out if the Jan. 6 hearings are enough to break into the MAGA bubble. #DailyShow #Comedy

The Pandemic's Unequal Toll

The pandemic has touched every corner of the globe, but its impacts have not fallen on everybody equally. The latest data and projections in two fundamental areas - health and wealth.

How Realistic Is Your Favorite Movie Dinosaur Scene?

Paleontologist Mark Loewen reviews dinosaur scenes from films including the Jurassic Park series, ’King Kong,’ ‘Night at the Museum,’ and more.

Lauren Boebert's Jesus Christ Superstar

This is definitely not the Jesus Christ Superstar you know and love. #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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