Friday Nite Videos | August 19, 2022
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Exploring the Deep Mystery of Life's Origins

An evolutionary biochemist at University College London explores the mystery of how life evolved on Earth. His hypothesis illuminates the outsized role that energy may have played in shaping evolution.

MAGA (a Parody of 'My Girl')

“My Girl” words and music copyright © 1964 by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White. Parody lyrics copyright © 2021 by Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby.

Why Tracking White Supremacy Is Crucial to Combating It

This organization tracks white supremacy across the U.S. Here's why that data is crucial in combating hate and extremism.

Why Are Baristas Leading the Labor Movement?

How did coffee shop workers become the vanguard of the labor movement? We spoke to the workers who organized the first unionized coffeeshop in Massachusetts. This is the story behind the Boston coffeeshop union revolution.

U.S. 'Waited and Watched' as Cuba Fought Deadly Blaze

When a catastrophic fire in Matanzas threatened Cuba’s fuel supply, other countries rushed to help. The U.S. offered Cuba ... a phone call.

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