Friday Nite Videos | September 2, 2022
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​I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For | Playing for Change

Over 40 extraordinary musicians from 13 countries send a message (by U2) to the relatives of missing people in the world: you are not alone in the search of your loved ones. In honor of the International Day of the Disappeared.

Medicine’s Fixation on the Sex Binary Harms Intersex People

“Normalizing” infants’ and children’s genital appearance to match a sex assigned in early age isn’t medically necessary and can negatively impact quality of life.

Here’s How Animals Experience the World | Ed Yong

Catfish taste with their whole bodies - and that’s just one way animals sense the world totally differently than us.

This Supreme Court Case Could Determine Who Wins Future Elections | Robert Reich

You probably haven't heard about it -- but Moore v. Harper could let extremist state legislatures pick the next president without you.

How US Corporations Poisoned This Indigenous Community

Invisible chemicals changed the Mohawk way of life. They’re probably in you, too.

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