Friday Nite Videos | October 28, 2022
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Could Kentucky Be the Next State To Reject an Abortion Ban?

Trump won Henderson County, Kentucky, by 25 points. The vast majority of voters there oppose a constitutional amendment banning abortion. The voters explain why.

40,000 Years of Music Explained in 8 Minutes

The history of music from bone flutes to Beyoncé shows music is less about composers than about our innate musicality.

God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty

In lust, we trust. The full story of the Falwells' sex scandal and its intersection with Donald Trump. November 1 on Hulu.

Dr. Oz's Misstep of the Year

Dr. Oz sinks his own campaign with misstep of the year on debate stage.

The War With Ukraine Is Coming Home to Russians

President Putin has announced a 'partial' mobilisation of citizens with military experience. This is what the reality of students, pensioners and people with no army training being called up looks like.

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