White Nationalists Give Mar-a-Lago Restaurant Disappointing One-Star Reviews on Tripadvisor

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Author: Andy Borowitz
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The New Yorker

PALM BEACH (The Borowitz Report)—In the latest setback for Donald J. Trump, the restaurant at his Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, has received an avalanche of scathing Tripadvisor reviews from white nationalists.

Although the publicity surrounding Trump’s recent dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes seemed likely to boost the club’s popularity with anti-Semitic foodies, the one-star reviews from neo-Nazis suggest otherwise.

One Tripadvisor reviewer, using the handle JosephGoebbels2024, echoed the opinions of other white-nationalist commenters when he complained that the Mar-a-Lago restaurant had “slow service,” “drab décor,” and “too many ethnic dishes.”

According to a source close to Trump, the former President was shaken by the one-star reviews. “He kind of assumed that, no matter what, the white supremacists would be with him,” the source said. “He had no idea they were such picky eaters.”

Andy Borowitz is a Times best-selling author and a comedian who has written for The New Yorker since 1998. He writes The Borowitz Report, a satirical column on the news.

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