Friday Nite Videos | January 6, 2023
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The Case for a $20/Hour Minimum Wage

Workers say the $15 minimum wage is now unlivable. NY State Senator Jessica Ramos is leading a bill to raise the minimum wage to $20/hour and index it to inflation.

The Beat, It Travels: Reggaeton

Reggaeton's rich history, from Panama to Puerto Rico and beyond, is a celebration of collaboration across cultures, making it one of the world's favorite genres.

Boebert and Hannity Clash, Republicans Turn On Trump Amid GOP Speaker Chaos

The humiliating Republican meltdown in the House leaves one of two chambers of Congress in total paralysis as Republicans and Fox News hosts bicker with each other

How Physicists Created a Holographic Wormhole in a Quantum Computer

Almost a century ago, Albert Einstein realized that the equations of general relativity could produce wormholes. But it would take a number of theoretical leaps and a “crazy” team of experimentalists to build one on Google's quantum computer.

What New Zealand Can Teach Us About Reparations

The Māori fight for justice leads the way on how to reckon with a dark past.

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