Friday Nite Videos | March 24, 2023
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Jordan Klepper Meets a Handful of Trump Arrest Protesters | The Daily Show

Jordan Klepper chats with the handful of Trump supporters who actually turned out to protest the former president's predicted arrest.

De La Soul and The Roots: Stakes Is High | Jimmy Fallon

As of March 2023, the iconic and iconoclastic De La Soul catalog is available on streaming platforms

How Western Weapons Transformed the War in Ukraine

How the US influences which weapons the Ukrainians they get, and which ones they don't.

Nuclear Fusion: Who'll Be First To Make It Work?

We survey the biggest and most interesting nuclear fusion startups which want to make nuclear fusion commercially relevant.

"I Almost Ended My Life Because of the Corrupt Beef Industry" | The Class Room

Coy Young nearly ended his life due to the consolidation in the beef industry. He’s one of 14,700 cattle farmers who will have to sell their farms or go bankrupt this year.  

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