Friday Nite Videos | 5-5-2023: Belafonte in Five
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How Harry Belafonte Embraced Black Culture

Harry Belafonte on the intersection of music, race and class and the influence that Paul Robeson had on his career and the Black community as a whole.

Zombie Jamboree

In Belafonte's New York cemetery version of the Calypso classic, humanity is slyly warned not to incinerate ourselves.

The Sit-In: The Untold History of the Week Harry Belafonte Hosted the Tonight Show

Explore the week of The Tonight Show where Harry Belafonte invited guests like Aretha Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and Dionne Warwick to wake up America.

Harry Belafonte on Obama and the Politics of Race | Fault Lines

With the election of the first black US president, Fault Lines' Avi Lewis sat down with legendary music icon, Harry Belafonte, to get his thoughts on Barack Obama and the changing politics of race.

Harry Belafonte vs Animal

No words spoken, and none needed.  

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