Friday Nite Videos | August 25, 2023
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Billy Bragg | Rich Men Earning North of a Million

The ghost of Woody Guthrie whispered in Billy Bragg's ear: you should write an answer song to Rich Men Men North of Richmond.

Georgia Prosecutor and Judge Call Trump Ally’s Bluff

The first Georgia RICO trial could begin as early as October 23.

Watch a Climate Scientist Fact Check an Alarming PragerU Video

Florida schools are a place where the teaching of history goes to die, but climate pseudo-science is freely taught.

The Day Women Shut Down Iceland

The strike that helped close the gender pay gap in Iceland.

A Storm Foretold | Roger Stone Documentary

A stunning full-length documentary by Danish documentarian Christoffer Guldbrandsen, with extensive footage of Roger Stone's unguarded moments.   

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