Tidbits – Oct. 19, 2023 – Reader Comments: Israel-Gaza War – Calling for Ceasefire, Stopping the Bombing, Freeing the Hostages, Responses to Portside Posts; Healthcare Today; How To Take Action in Solidarity With UAW Members on Strike; More…

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Israel - Gaza War

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Re: The Catastrophic Moral Failing of Those Who Won’t Condemn Hamas  

Thank you, Portside, for publishing this.

Susan Cohen
Posted on Portside's Facebook page


Yep. And when we speak about rights for LGBTQ people we need to acknowledge that some gay men are pedophiles. And when we write about slavery we need to point out that some slaves brutally killed planters' families.... Which side are you on?

Helen Finkelstein

Re: ‘We’ve Been Shaken out of This Fantasy’: How the Left Sees the War in Israel  

I just read your interview with Duss and was struck by the point about Israel "not seeing" the Hamas attack coming. Why are people assuming the right wing Israeli government did not see it coming? Is anyone considering the possibility that the government allowed it to happen so they could annihilate Gaza?


Re: International Labor Statements on Gaza

(posting on Portside Labor)  

I'd frankly be more impressed if these statements all contained the following words:  "The Hamas attack on Israel is unacceptable.  Hamas must be brought before the World Court on 1,200+ charges of premeditated murder, especially of civilians.  In its October 7 attack, while Hamas killed over 1,200 people, only 170, or 14%, were Israeli soldiers.  Which means, 86% were civilians, so it is clear that civilians were deliberately targeted in what was the greatest killing of Jews in one day since the Holocaust.  What Hamas did that day is clearly a war crime, and it must be adjudicated as such."

A Portside Reader I am,

George Fish,
Indianapolis, Indiana

Re: Statement on Behalf of Israel-Based Progressives and Peace Activists Regarding Debates Over Recent Events in Our Region  

I would agree that progressives must condemn all acts of violence directed against civilians; in particular, the horrific attack by Hamas on October 7.

I must note, however, that in their statement, reported on Portside October 17, the signatories do not actually *cite* a single source representing the "elements within the global left" that have failed to condemn the attack.  This is a serious charge, and Portside readers (and others) deserve to know *who* took the position in question, and what were the exact words they used.

David Laibman


Thanks for this.

Many on the left have "forgotten" -- if they ever paid attention -- to how Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007.

"Hamas fighters took control of the Gaza Strip, while Fatah officials were either taken as prisoners, executed or expelled.[3][4] The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported that at least 161 people were killed and more than 700 were wounded during the fighting."

The sources for these facts are available in the Wikipedia article.



Geoff Mirelowitz


I agree with the statement on behalf of the Israel-Baed Progressives and Peace Activists.

Please convey my lone voice, but individual concurrence and support of what they have said.

Brian Patrick Moore
Resident of Florida
American citizen


Based on your report I have to conclude that a large part of the global left is anti-fascist except for Palestine. The Hamas butchers are clearly fascists, like most fascists they are proud to say that they love death. But rather than condemn Hamas and support the country that was attacked we see much of the left rallying to the defense of Hamas and demanding that Israel cease firing back (rockets are still flying from Gaza) and even provide aid to Gaza that is certain to be used as war material by Hamas.  The left never called on the allies to stop bombing Germany and even provide fuel and power to the Nazis, but now much of the left has seemed to have lost its way and is demanding for Gaza and Hamas what it would have considered insane to demand for Germany and its Nazi regime in WWII.

Stan Nadel
Salzburg, Austria

Innocent Civilians  --  Cartoon by Rob Rogers


Rob Rogers
October 12, 2023

Re: After Writing an Anti-Israel Letter, Harvard Students Are Doxxed  

Although the Harvard students may have made a misstep in how they presented the issue, holding the apartheid state to account was right methinks and what followed in scary.

I listened to Mehdi Hasan on Hamas and it's really illuminating. But you have to search hard to get information in this country to get information that isn't all either pro-Israel or bland non-statements.


Re: Israel detains, expels to West Bank hundreds of Gaza Palestinian workers

(posting on Portside Labor)  

Some 600 workers from Gaza have faced threats and arrests inside Israel and were forced to go to the occupied West Bank.

Dave Lott
Posted on Portside's Facebook page

The Next GOP Speaker of the House  -- Cartoon by Clay Jones

Clay Jones
October 14, 2023
Daily Kos

Healthcare Today --  Cartoon by Dave Coverly

Dave Coverly
Speed Bump
August 6, 2021

Re: The Many Worlds of American Communism

(posting on Portside Culture)  

Odd the review makes no mention of Earl Browder, for both better and worse, the architect of the Popular Front.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Posted on Portside's Facebook page


I really appreciate Portside's book reviews

L A Kurth

Watching the Nightly News  --  Cartoon

How to take action in solidarity with UAW members on strike!  

The UAW members' strike at the Big Three automakers has stretched into its second month and now more than ever, autoworkers need your solidarity to win a contract that lifts standards for them and the whole economy.

Ford, GM, and Stellantis made a combined quarter-trillion dollars in North American profits over the last decade. But UAW members never got their fair share, despite their sacrifices during the global pandemic and their essential role in making these companies so profitable. Autoworkers are standing up to raise standards at the Big Three and shape the future of American manufacturing in the midst of the renewable energy transition. 

The demands that autoworkers are fighting for – like an end to their tiered system, higher pay, cost of living increases, a just transition to electric vehicle manufacturing, and a 32 hour work week – are inspiring workers across the country to demand what they deserve in their own workplaces. Every worker, from baristas and truck drivers to actors and hotel workers, has their eyes on this strike and are looking at the UAW negotiations as an example of what could be possible through worker organizing.

📣  In collaboration with our friends at the UAW, we are encouraging all Local Progress members to support the strike by taking action this week:

  1. If you're near a picket line – show up and picket with striking workers! You can find a map of active picket lines here.
  2. For all LP members and allies – let the public know that autoworkers are standing up for all of us. Organize a community canvass at a local Big Three auto dealership! Here is a toolkit with everything you need to go canvass a dealership. Make sure you put your dealership canvass up on the solidarity site so the UAW knows you're taking action. Get in touch with LP staff if you want support on your canvass.
  3. For all LP members - record a video of yourself expressing solidarity with the strike and post it to social media! Even if you can’t physically make it to a picket line or car dealership, public shows of solidarity like social media videos keep up energy around the strike and show workers that there’s a movement behind them. Here are some instructions for how to record a video and what talking points to consider.

Autoworkers are fighting for good jobs and a more just economy. But they can't do it alone. They need your support to win a fair contract and good jobs throughout the industry.

Will you take action this week with us?

Local Progress is a movement of local elected officials fighting for racial and economic justice. We build power with community to reshape what’s possible in our localities.

Local Progress Policy Action
1200 18th St NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

Film Sector On the Frontlines: High-level discussion on AI in the audio-visual industry - October 19  (UNESCO)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the cultural and creative industries in unprecedented ways and the change is here to stay. On October 19th, UNESCO is leading a global conversation on the impact of AI on the audio-visual sector.

The film sector at the forefront: High-level discussion on artificial intelligence in the audiovisual industry

19 October 2023 - 3:00 pm - 19 October 2023 - 5:00 pm

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
Room I
Cat VIII - Symposia
Arrangement type : In-Person
Language(s) :FrenchSpanishEnglish

By giving the floor to stakeholders on the frontlines of the film and AI sectors, this high-level panel discussion aims to help UNESCO Member States better understand and navigate this new and evolving digital landscape in order to develop appropriate policies and measures to ensure it benefits film industry stakeholders and societies at large.

For in-person and online registration, click here!

The event is open to the public according to availability of seats.

Identification will be requested at the entrance - 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris, France

Join the event online  

The creative sectors have long been at the forefront of human expression and innovation, and artists have shaped societies by setting and challenging societal norms throughout history. Recent strikes by US writers and actors voicing concerns about transparency, intellectual property rights and the fair remuneration of their work in the AI context speak to the tangible effects and tectonic shift felt across the film and other cultural and creative sectors. Whereas, AI advocates see opportunities to enhance creativity by offering new tools and mediums for inspiration and collaboration, and for democratizing access to creative tools and platforms, potentially reducing barriers for underrepresented groups.

This timely event will bring together leading AI and film industry experts from across the globe. The panel will debate the opportunities and challenges presented to the cultural and creative industries by AI and machine learning, while addressing complex questions about ethics, cultural diversity, and the very nature of human creativity. Together, they will share insights and exchange perspectives on the current landscape of AI in the film sector and consider next steps for action and protection.


Keynote speaker: Mr. Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator.

A high-level panel discussion moderated by Valériane Gauthier, journalist and presenter on France 24 Television, featuring:

Read full programme and biographies of panelists

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FILM PREMIER - Maureen Gosling's The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane - Streaming   October 16-22 ONLY!


You can stream this movie at home on the CAFILM app on your Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or in the browser on any device (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone, or laptop) at WATCH.CAFILM.ORG.

For decades Barbara Dane lent her stellar singing voice to social-justice movements in the Bay Area and beyond, garnering an impressive FBI file along the way. Deeply respected by fellow luminaries in folk, blues, and jazz, Dane built a far-reaching legacy with music, activism, and love. As Maureen Gosling’s celebratory portrait reveals, early solidarity with those suffering racial and economic injustice sparked Dane’s passion to use her talent to sustain marginalized people. Rather than chase stardom, she followed her own maternal instincts to root herself and her family among generations of activist performers. Bonnie Raitt, Jane Fonda, and other notables attest to Dane’s unique way of shaping and being shaped by tumultuous social revolutions from the 1950s on. Nearing 90, Dane triumphantly tours with piano virtuoso Tammy Hall to celebrate a life of staying awake and connected, true to her ideals. One star among many illuminates so much. —Carol Harada

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Book Talk - Book Signing - PRACTICAL RADICALS: Seven Strategies to Change the World - New York - November 10

PRACTICAL RADICALS: Seven Strategies to Change the World

Friday, November 10, 2023

6:00pm - 8:00pm E.T.

Reception at 5pm.  Book signing to follow program.

Register to join us *in-person* or to get the YouTube *livestream* link

CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies
25 West 43rd Street, 18th floor
New York, NY 10036

How do underdogs, facing far stronger opponents, sometimes win?  In the tradition of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Sun Tzu’s The Art of WarDeepak Bhargava and Stephanie Luce’s Practical Radicals offers winning strategies, history, and theory for a new generation of activists.  Based on interviews with leading organizers, this groundbreaking book describes seven strategies to bring about transformative change.

Moderated by Cristina Jimenez Moreta, founder of United We Dream, and currently Distinguished Lecturer at the City College of New York at CUNY.

Reception at 5pm.  Book signing to follow program.  JOIN US!

Hosted by the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies.

Click here to register.

About Practical Radicals:

A clear, expert, and inspiring guide to social change, based on case studies of grassroots movements that won, from two leading community and labor experts.

“Our movements must seek and win governing power to achieve our visions for a more just society. This book is a vital resource for progressives who want to win.”
—Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), chair, Congressional Progressive Caucus

How do underdogs, facing far stronger opponents, sometimes win? In the tradition of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Deepak Bhargava and Stephanie Luce’s Practical Radicals offers winning strategies, history, and theory for a new generation of activists.

Based on interviews with leading organizers, this groundbreaking book describes seven strategies to bring about transformative change. It incorporates stories of organizations and movements that have won, including Make the Road NY, the St. Paul Federation of Educators, the welfare rights movement, the Working Families Party, New Georgia Project, Occupy Wall Street, 350.org, the Fight for 15, and Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Two overarching case studies anchor the book: the brilliant techniques used by enslaved people and their allies to end slavery, and the sinister but effective ways elites imposed our current system.

Practical Radicals offers insights on strategy used by business, military, and political elites, addresses the challenges of overcoming conflict within organizations and movements, and concludes with a discussion of how our movements must adapt to meet new challenges in the twenty-first century.

A book for activists, organizers, and anyone hoping to win the fight for a better society, Practical Radicals is a deeply informed resource designed to help us win on the big issues of our time.


Bill Fletcher Speaking on Race, Class and Fiction - Fall River, MA - November 14

Join Bill Fletcher Jr. VIRTUALLY for a discussion about race, class and fiction - Tuesday, November 14, 2023, @ 6:00pm-7:30 pm EST

To Register, click here

Bristol Community College
C111 (Please use parking lot 4)
777 Elsbree Street
Fall River MA 02720

This event is free and open to the public, with generous financial support from Camões Institute.

For more information: Carlos Almeida: carlos.almeida@bristolcc.edu or Angelo Barbosa: alopesbarbosa@bridgew.edu

Longtime labor, racial justice, and international activist Bill Fletcher will be speaking at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA. The program is presented by the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies at BSU. BIll's novels and research investigate the experiences of Cape Verdean Americans, the first free blacks to settle in North America, arriving as whalers and seamen in New England. Their lived experience and relations with African Americans and white Americans enrich the characters and stories in his work.

[Bill is editorial board member and columnist for BlackCommentator.com and a senior scholar for the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.]

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