Dispatches From the Culture Wars – November 7, 2023

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  1. Rising Antisemitism and a DeSantis Turncoat
  2. Junk Science Abortion Restrictions Blocked
  3. Disabled in the South
  4. San Jose Cop’s Hate Exposed
  5. MAGA Fears a Uniparty
  6. The Incel-ization of the GOP
  7. Kicking Trans Care Out of Vanderbilt U
  8. The Cost of Banning Affirmative Action
  9. Rift Among US Jews
  10. The UAW Strike and Fossil Fuels

Rising Antisemitism and a DeSantis Turncoat

By Isaac Chotiner
The New Yorker

Randy Fine is the only Jewish Republican in the Florida legislature, and has for several years been a strong supporter of Ron DeSantis, the state’s governor. Then, two weeks ago, Fine decided to switch his support to Trump. The reason? Antisemitism. In Fine’s view, DeSantis has insufficiently addressed numerous neo-Nazi marches that have taken place in Florida in recent years.

Junk Science Abortion Restrictions Blocked

By Rachel Mipro
Kansas Reflector

A Kansas judge blocked long-standing and newly implemented abortion restrictions in the state in what abortion providers described as a “hard-fought” win against “ethically unjustifiable” misinformation. Kansas abortion providers asked for a temporary injunction to block several abortion restrictions, arguing the restrictions violate state constitutional rights to abortion and free speech.

Disabled in the South

By Justin A. Davis 
Waging Nonviolence

A regional nonprofit was founded last year “to improve the lives of disabled people and cultivate strong disability rights and disability justice frameworks in the South.” New Disabled South has taken a multi-faceted approach to building political power — grounded in abolition, popular democracy and the long history of disabled struggles in the U.S.

San Jose Cop’s Hate Exposed

By Robert Sailing
The Mercury News

A San Jose police officer involved in a controversial shooting at a downtown taqueria last year has resigned over the discovery of racist text messages he wrote, including some making light of the shooting and one that said “I hate Black people.”

MAGA Fears a Uniparty

By Andrew Prokop

As Republican hardliners tossed Speaker Kevin McCarthy out of office and attempted to dictate his replacement, one word kept recurring in their complaints about existing GOP leaders: “uniparty.” The idea is that too many Republican politicians and especially leaders are, on key issues, aligned with Democrats and the Washington establishment, and working against Trump and the right.

The Incel-ization of the GOP

By Amanda Marcotte

What stands out about Speaker Mike Johnson is what a sinister little creep he is. The man gives off strong incel energy, and his elevation really showcases how much the politics of bitter sexual obsession have come to dominate the Republican Party. 

Kicking Trans Care Out of Vanderbilt U

By Lil Kalish

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has set his sights on banning gender-affirming care for trans youth — and an attack on Vanderbilt's transgender health clinic shows he's succeeding.

The Cost of Banning Affirmative Action

By Shirin Ali

From 1994 to 2002, almost all of the decline in incoming Black and Hispanic students occurred on the campuses of Berkeley and UCLA. An estimated one-third of the decline was driven by a change in behavior—students choosing not to apply to UC schools—and about two-thirds was driven by policy changes, namely the end of affirmative action leading to more students of color being rejected.

Rift Among US Jews

By Robin Buller
The Guardian

Across the US, Jews are facing complex emotions as they grapple with the escalating war in Israel and Gaza. Within families and congregations, on campuses, at protests and online, fissures within Jewish communities are deepening, reflecting broader divisions in public opinion over the war.

The UAW Strike and Fossil Fuels

By Liza Featherstone
The New Republic

Shawn Fain and the UAW may be ending the culture war on electric vehicles and robbing the Republicans of anti-climate talking points.

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