Friday Nite Videos | November 17, 2023
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Israel-Hamas War | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Doctor My Eyes | Jackson Browne

A stunning rendition of the classic Doctor My Eyes brings together two musicians from the 1972 original with 11 amazing musicians from around the globe

Trump Is a Fascist, Bernie Stops a Fight

The former president is sending loud and clear signals that a second Trump term would be a fascist nightmare

Trump Destroys his Own Case With Bombshell Admission

In a newly released interview, Donald Trump's version of his attempt to join the mob on Jan. 6 incriminates ... himself.

The Night Doctrine: The Truth About Afghanistan’s Zero Unit Night Raids

ProPublica’s first animated documentary traces a young British journalist of Afghan-Pakistani origins, who returns to Afghanistan to find out who killed her family 30 years earlier, only to stumble upon a secretive U.S.-backed program the killed hundreds of civilians  

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