Sunday Science: Gravity Is Not a Force. But What Does It Mean?
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Author: Sabine Hossenfelder
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Sabine Hossenfelder

Sabine Hossenfelder. As simple as possible, but not any simpler! Science and technology updates and summaries. No hype, no spin, no tip-toeing around inconvenient truths. News each Wednesday, new topical video each Saturday. Sabine Hossenfelder has a PhD in physics. She is author of the books "Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray" (Basic Books, 2018) and "Existential Physics: A Scientist's Guide to Life's Biggest Questions" (Viking, 2022).

Stunning video reveals how our fingers form in the womb
Kristin Houser

The first-of-its-kind map, which goes all the way down to the level of a single cell, could help prevent common birth defects.
December 18, 2023

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