Global Left Midweek – March 6, 2024
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  1. Parties and Movements
  2. Putin, Navalny and Kagarlitsky
  3. For International Women’s Day: La Via Campesina Declaration
  4. Argentina: Feminists Take on Economic Violence
  5. Europe Buzz
  6. Political Prisoner Marwan Barghouti
  7. Fighting Corruption in Africa
  8. Rojava and Tito’s Yugoslavia
  9. CELAC Summit Concludes in St Vincent
  10. Free Download: New Book on Vietnam


Parties and Movements

Sheri Berman, Andre Pagliarini, Zachariah Mampilly and Nick Serpe / Dissent (New York)

This conversation brings together scholars who focus on different regions in order to help us understand the challenges that left political formations and popular movements face around the world. What do they hold in common? Where do their perspectives diverge? What brought them to this point—and where are they headed?

Putin, Navalny and Kagarlitsky

Kirill Medvedev and Federico Fuentes / Links (Sydney)

“Every conciliatory statement made by liberal intellectuals in America results in more arrests, fines, and searches of democratic activists and just plain people here in Russia. (We need) an understanding of the reality that has developed in Russia today. Stop identifying Putin and his gang with Russia. (Those) who want the good of Russia and the Russians cannot but be irreconcilable enemies of this power.”

For International Women’s Day: La Via Campesina Declaration

6th International Women’s Assembly of La Via Campesina / La Via Campesina (Bagnolet, France)

Indigenous women, peasants, landless women, migrants, fisherwomen, pastoralists, seasonal workers, and agricultural workers have been fundamental in carrying forward political and organizational strategies and tactics. They guarantee life and a future for humanity and the planet, fighting daily against the looting, devastation, death, and oppression caused by capitalism and agro-hydro business.

Argentina: Feminists Take on Economic Violence

Luci Cavallero and Naira Estevez / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

Argentina's feminist movement — the main enemy, as claimed by ultra-libertarian president Javier Milei himself — is mobilizing for another round of “8M” protests on International Women’s Day. Expect a great response from many sectors that find in the feminist movement a space of articulation, to integrate the different forms of impact on daily life that women and sexual minorities are suffering.

Europe Buzz

Political Prisoner Marwan Barghouti

Oliver Holmes and Peter Beaumont / The Guardian (London)

Virtually every opinion poll since his imprisonment two decades ago shows Barghouti to be the favourite presidential candidate for the Palestinian people, were they able to hold free elections. The 64-year-old political leader serving multiple life sentences in an Israeli prison for murder represents the prospect of a genuine shake-up to the status quo. 

Fighting Corruption in Africa

John Githongo / U4 (Bergen, Norway)

“Corruption is often couched in moral terms, but an urgent contest has set in, muddying the waters of anti-corruption work. This is not so much a contest against so-called Western values of democracy and human rights but rather against what is understood, especially by youth and especially in the Global South, as Western hypocrisy and double standards in the export of these values.”

Rojava and Tito’s Yugoslavia

Matt Broomfield / The Kurdish Center for Studies (Bochum, Germany)

The jailed Kurdish figurehead Abdullah Öcalan is represented by his supporters as the ‘Mandela of the Middle East’. The Kurdish-led polity established around the Syrian Kurdish region of Rojava is governed by the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. Öcalan’s doctrines compare with those of communist partisan-turned-statesman Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia.

CELAC Summit Concludes in St Vincent

Ernesto Cooke / St Vincent Times (Kingstown)

The summit committed to further consolidate a Latin American and Caribbean community of sovereign nations, capable of reaching consensus and fostering international cooperation, while recognizing our different political systems and economic diversity, on a coordinated approach to enriching the lives and welfare of our peoples.

Free Download: New Book on Vietnam

Tran Dac Loi and Philip Degenhardt, eds. / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Hanoi)

Portside offers this collection of essays in honor of our friend and comrade Merle Ratner, and her life of international solidarity.


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