Global Left Midweek – May 15, 2024
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  1. We Have a Deadline
  2. Eqbal Ahmad: Out-Organize the Enemy!
  3. Ukraine’s Unions
  4. Video: Strike Two for Miliei
  5. The Opposition in Zimbabwe
  6. Resisters Exchange: Iran and Russia
  7. Left Parties 
  8. Terry Eagleton: In Defense of Student Protest
  9. Remembering Điện Biên Phủ
  10. Grenadian Prime Minister Visits Cuba

We Have a Deadline

João Camargo and Leonor Canadas / Common Dreams (Portland ME)

It is time we—the left in social movements as well as the left in unions or political parties—come to terms with our own failures and face the present and future head-on, with courage and confidence. If we don't organise for revolt and rebel now, there very simply might not be a chance to do it in the future.

Eqbal Ahmad: Out-Organize the Enemy!

Arun Kundnani / Transnational Institute (Amsterdam)

In 1969, at the Association of Arab-American University Graduates convention, Eqbal Ahmad delivered a stark message: the Palestinian liberation movement would fail if it relied solely on armed struggle. He argued for a broader strategy, combining military with political and ideological tactics. Today, that goal might finally be within reach.

Ukraine’s Unions

Inès Gil / Equal Times (Brussels)

The unions are no longer able to talk to their members in the territories currently occupied by Russia, the equivalent of about 20 per cent of Ukraine. Workers in these regions also face violations of their rights, which the International Labour Organization (ILO) denounced in a briefing published in May 2023.

Video: Strike Two for Miliei

Al Jazeera (Doha)

Major trade unions in Argentina have gone on general strike for the second time since president Javier Milei took office five months ago. The Parliament has discussed a new bill that unions say weakens labour protections.

The Opposition in Zimbabwe

Paidamoyo Muzulu / Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)

Leftist Zimbabweans are on the crossroads. A decision has to be made whether to be swallowed by the tide of liberalism or join the bandwagon of ideologically bankrupt populism. Yes, there is also the third option, leftist reorganising and getting back to the basics.

Resisters Exchange: Iran and Russia

Iuliia Gataulina and Mina Shahmoradi / LeftEast

When talking about our activisms, we enrich each other on the particularities of our situations. At the same time, we also realize that to some extent it is beneficial to go beyond specificities and instead to think about the root causes of oppression, the common grounds of both oppression and liberation. 

Left Parties

Terry Eagleton: In Defense of Student Protest

Terry Eagleton / UnHerd (London)

Being hugely in debt, as almost all students are these days, inclines you to conservatism. It ties you to the status quo and makes you less likely to step out of line. Yet in a bleak season for political radicals, dissent has broken out on a sizeable scale in those bastions of corporate capitalism and managerial gobbledygook which until recently were dimly recognisable as universities. 

Remembering Điện Biên Phủ

Grenadian Prime Minister Visits Cuba

Jorge Luna / Prensa Latina (Havana)

The permanent legacy of Grenadian leader Maurice Bishop, assassinated in 1983, was recalled here during a recent official visit by Prime Minister of Grenada Dickon Mitchell on the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

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