Friday Nite Videos -- October 4, 2013
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Shutstorm 2013: Bias on Bulls**t Mountain. 
Could there be a higher octane fuel for the Fox News false outrage exploitation engine than wheelchair-bound World War II veterans?



Gimme Shelter | Playing for Change
This song expresses the urgency we all face to unite together as a planet and offers us wisdom with the words, "War, children, it's just a shot away... Love, sister, it's just a kiss away". Dedicated to all the lost, homeless and forgotten people in this world. It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.



Hijacking Prison Phone Calls for Profit
Global Tel*Link charges sky-high rates to prisoners and their families -- up to $17 for a 15-minute phone call. Tell the FCC to set prices families can afford. 



100K Poets for Change
This world wide event took place in 100 countries and featured musicians, poets, painters, writers and dancers organized to promote the ideals of peace sustainability.



The Joy of Teaching -- Office Hours
If you've ever TA'd or taught a class, this video is for you. The PHD Movie was filmed on location at the California Institute of Technology, and features real grad students, undergrads and professors.



Victor Jara's Last Song
Translated by Joan Jara. Read by Adrian Mitchell. From the album Manifiesto [Canciones PĆ³stumas]

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