Freddie Gray Death: Remaining Charges Dropped

 Remaining Charges Dropped feature image
July 27, 2016
Baltimore prosecutors failed to obtain a conviction after four trials, meaning there will likely be no criminal accountability for Gray’s death from a ‘rough ride’
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Police Incitement Against Black Lives Matter

Police Incitement Against Black Lives Matter feature image
July 27, 2016
Minneapolis is a case study in how police hate speech fosters a climate of violence.
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The Sighted and the Blinkered

The Sighted and the Blinkered feature image
July 26, 2016
Bernie Sanders succeeded in pulling both the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton to the left. But a loud minority fails to see this victory.
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The Future of Sanders' Political Revolution

The Future of Sanders' Political Revolution feature image
July 27, 2016
How – and how far – the “political revolution” will continue remains to be seen. What has already occurred is a surge of support for the Green party. Many of Sanders’ delegates will be pressing the campaign’s radical demands within the Convention. This activity will draw its participants beyond what they could hope to achieve within the constraints of Sanders’ candidacy. Yet it was the vast reach of that candidacy which made possible these steps to go beyond it.
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Aging People in Prison

Aging People in Prison feature image
July 27, 2016
Between 2009 and 2013, the number of people ages 50 and older in federal prisons increased by 25 percent, making them the fastest-growing segment. Compassionate release has been granted infrequently. From August 12, 2013, to September 12, 2014,2,621 federal prisoners applied for compassionate release.Of those, only 85 people were ultimately released.
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Dispatches From the Culture Wars

Dispatches From the Culture Wars feature image
July 26, 2016
Neofash at RNC; Ailes and GOP circle the drain; Pence = death; Return of the lynch mob rope; Election art; Jocks stand up
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Bernie Sanders’ Speech at the 2016 DNC

Bernie Sanders’ Speech at the 2016 DNC feature image
July 26, 2016
The complete transcript of the prepared remarks from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ speech to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
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Mythology Of Trump’s ‘Working Class’ Support

Mythology Of Trump’s ‘Working Class’ Support feature image
July 26, 2016
Class in America is a complicated concept, and it may be that Trump supporters see themselves as having been left behind in other respects. Since almost all of Trump’s voters so far in the primaries have been non-Hispanic whites, we can ask whether they make lower incomes than other white Americans, for instance. The answer is “no.” (This article appeared during the primaries this Spring. It is still relevant today as we analyze who are the Trump supporters.)
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 Budget Failures, Displacement, Zika

 Budget Failures, Displacement, Zika feature image
July 26, 2016
 Identifying the myriad problems is easy. More difficult—and more important—is to resist seeing them as “general chaos.” We need to avoid the facile explanation provided to me by Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes: “These things happen when you host an Olympics in the developing world.” Instead, we need to understand that Rio’s “state of public calamity” is an extreme version of what happens when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) comes a-calling.
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Israel/Palestine: Bad Policy, Bad Politics

Israel/Palestine: Bad Policy, Bad Politics feature image
July 26, 2016
The bottom line is that both platforms are bad policy. If the GOP platform were followed, it would produce policies resulting in disaster, not only for Palestinians and US interests in the Middle East, but for Israel, as well. On the other hand, if the Democrat’s platform were followed, it would result in continuing the region’s depressing and dangerous downward spiral of oppression and violence.
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Portside Culture

Fire and Blood: The European Civil War, 1914-1945

Alan Wald
This new book by Enzo Traverso is "a master class in historical analysis," writes reviewer Alan Wald. This "full-on riveting reconceptualization of 1914-1945 as a 'European Civil War,"' he adds, "is a benchmark achievement in the flowering of socialist scholarship by the generation identifying with May 1968."

Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Mark Boal Sues U.S. Government Over Bowe Bergdahl Interview Tapes

Dave McNary
Boal’s litigation is supported by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. “We firmly stand with Mr. Boal in his effort to protect these tapes,” says the organization’s executive director Bruce Brown. “Well-established law recognizes that journalists cannot do their jobs to keep the public informed if they cannot work free from government interference.”

Plant-Based Meat? Really?

Jillian D'Onfro
Business Insider
Can plant-based burgers really replace the real thing, especially for someone who enjoys meat? Here's what Ione author found in serious taste tests.

Jon Stewart's Well-Timed Comeback

Spencer Kornhaber
The Atlantic
Taking over Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to blast Fox News, the former ‘Daily Show’ host was unapologetically partisan while also seeking to build bridges.

A Black Man in Chicago Celebrates Emmett Till's Birthday

Philip C. Kolin
Emmett Till in Different States: Poems
Emmett Till, a 14-year old murdered in Money, Mississippi on August 28, 1955, would be celebrating his 75th birthday on Tuesday, July 25. The writer Philip C. Kolin, like Till a native of Chicago, and professor English in Mississippi, has recently published a book, Emmett Till in Different States: Poems (Third World Press) that traces both the historical significance and contemporary legacy of Till’s brief life.

Terry Eagleton: Still the most Formidable Critic of Populist Late-Capitalism

Melanie McDonagh
New Statesman
Both analytical and droll, Terry Eagleton's Culture explores how culture evolved from rarified sphere to humble practices, and from a bulwark against industrialism's encroaches to present-day capitalism's most profitable export. Eagleton both illuminates culture's collusion with colonialism, nationalism, the decline of religion, the rise of and rule over the "uncultured" masses, as well a means for cultivating social life and social change.

From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation

Justin Campbell
Los Angeles Review of Books
"Can there be Black liberation in the United States as the country is currently constituted?" asks Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor in her new book. "No. Capitalism is contingent on the absence of freedom and liberation for Black people and anyone else who does not directly benefit from its economic disorder." Justin Campbell, in this review, surveys Taylor's analysis of the roots, present status, and future prospects of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Portside Labor

Interview: Busting the Myths of a Workerless Future

Chris Brooks, Kim Moody
Labor Notes
Where’s our economy headed? Soon every factory worker will have to start driving for Uber, and the trucks will drive themselves—at least so the business press tells us. But Kim Moody, co-founder of this magazine and the author of many books on U.S. labor, paints a different picture. Chris Brooks asked him to cut through the hype and describe what’s coming for working people and the opportunities for unions. This is Part 1 of an interview with Kim Moody.

Teachers Arrested Protesting Police Brutality in the Twin Cities

Samantha Winslow
Labor Notes
With 3,000 teachers gathered in Minneapolis for the American Federation of Teachers convention, the two Twin Cities teachers unions led a march to protest the recent police killing of an African American man, Philando Castile, at a traffic stop. Educators want to link their struggle for resources for public schools with the wider need for public investment in neighborhoods and cities, particularly for communities of color.

Tim Kaine Has a Troubling Record on Labor Issues

John Nichols
The Nation
“Kaine did meet with union leaders in Madison. But he supported Virginia’s right-to-work laws during his gubernatorial campaign and his four years in office. Even the group that seeks to expand these laws [the National Right to Work Foundation] concedes Kaine did few things that troubled them.”

Ten Arrested as Movement for Black Lives Takes on Police Unions

Kenrya Rankin
Criminally negligent police departments continue to receive billions in federal grants and funding, when instead those dollars could be poured into our nation’s school system, community health care systems and alternative strategies that keep people safe. Everyday elected officials refuse to act, Black lives are put at risk.

Clinton: First Day of Republican Convention 'Surreal'

Ken Thomas
Secretar Clinton in addressing the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in Las Vegas called the first day of the Republican Convention "Surreal". AFSCME represents 1.6 million public sector workers. She attacked the anti-worker policies of the Republican Governors of Wisconsin and Illinois, Scott Walker and Bruce Rauner. She said Trump had no solutions to help working families. Later in the day she picked up the support of UNITE HERE.

SEIU Teams Up with Billionaire Tom Steyer on Voter Mobilization Effort in Key Battleground States

Matea Gold
The Washington Post
A $10 million effort backed by the Service Employees International Union and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer will involve intense door-knocking and phone banking in working-class communities, with an emphasis on engaging African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos around the issues of economic inequality and environmental degradation. The initiative part of a broader effort to expand collaboration between the labor movement and environmental activists.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on July 22, 2016


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert reunite for coverage of Roger Ailes' downfall, followed by an epic Stewart burn of the Trump-Fox axis.

Posted by Portside on July 22, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren sounds off on Donald Trump's acceptance speech, taking him down in trademark style, with substance, passion and wit.

Posted by Portside on July 22, 2016

Roy Zimmerman, perhaps America's premiere political satirical songwriter, nails the meaning of the Republican's Trump convention.

Posted by Portside on July 22, 2016

A full year of life on Earth condensed into three minutes, recorded from a satellite orbit at Lagrange point 1, approximately 1 million miles from Earth, where it is balanced between the gravity of our home planet and the sun.

Posted by Portside on July 22, 2016

Bob Marley wrote Get Up, Stand Up in 1973 while touring Haiti. It has become a grassroots world anthem of the fightback movement and sound best performed before a big, live audience.

Posted by Portside on July 15, 2016

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Bernie Sanders' late endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Posted by Portside on July 15, 2016

An impromptu piano improvisation on Fur Elise at the Prague airport in 2014 by the extraordinary Lebanese musician (and technology consultant) Maan Hamadeh.