Demon Teachers, Privatized Schools: Atlanta

 Atlanta feature image
April 27, 2015
Should we be wondering if the prosecution of cheating Atlanta teachers for racketeering was racist? Or should black parents and educators be leading a movement against high-stakes standardized testing as the gateway tool to privatizing public education in black and brown communities across the country?
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Free The Atlanta Teachers

April 27, 2015
Another recent horrific injustice in the US is the jailing of African-American school teachers in Atlanta. There is widespread consternation on the Left, but little systemic analysis of this event. Every analyst finds it necessary to include the disclaimer "Of course they were wrong. They should have been fired."
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Ukraine Appeal: Democracy, Internationalism

 Democracy, Internationalism  feature image
April 27, 2015
Ukrainian anti-fascists are calling on people around the world to mark May 2 as a day of commemoration of those who were killed in the trade union building in Odessa.
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USA Trains Nazis in Ukraine Government Merger

USA Trains Nazis in Ukraine Government Merger feature image
April 27, 2015
April 20 was Hitler's birthday, a day when in the past few years neo-Nazis around the world have engaged in terror attacks; and on April 20, 2015 the U.S. Army is officially beginning the training and integration of the Ukraine's neo-Nazi stormtroopers.
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Turkey Communist Party: 550-woman Candidates

 550-woman Candidates feature image
April 27, 2015
All 550 candidates of the Communist Party (CP), Turkey that will be running in the upcoming elections in June are women. According to a recent statement released by the CP, the reason for choosing all women candidates is not simply about the active participation of women in the political struggle but because it is only women who can represent the rebellion against a social order that thrives on murdering and humiliating them on a daily basis.
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Houthi Arms Bonanza Came From Saleh, Not Iran

Houthi Arms Bonanza Came From Saleh, Not Iran feature image
April 26, 2015
Claims Iran is supplying the Houthis with weapons ignore the fact the group was already flush with American arms from ex-president Saleh.
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Untold Legacy of Slave-Owning Cherokees

Untold Legacy of Slave-Owning Cherokees feature image
April 26, 2015
“Victims can be perpetrators, too.” It’s important for people to understand that.
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Congress Backs War on Settlement Boycotts

Congress Backs War on Settlement Boycotts feature image
April 26, 2015
The finance committees of the House and Senate have approved amendments to a trade bill (TTP) that equate boycotts of West Bank settlement products with boycotts of Israel, strengthening efforts by the Israeli right to silence opponents of West Bank settlements. A separate measure approved by the House panel as an amendment to the customs bill goes a step further and takes action against some foreign companies if they shun the settlements.
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Regulating the Magic that is Homeopathy

Regulating the Magic that is Homeopathy feature image
April 26, 2015
Homeopathy is, as Steve Novella characterized it, an “excellent example of the purest form of pseudoscience,” and as I, more blunt that Steve, like to call it, “The One Quackery To Rule Them All.” Failing to make that clear in media coverage of homeopathy lets advocates of homeopathic quackery to label skeptics as “homeopathic naysayers” and claim that the current FDA regulatory framework for homeopathic products is working just fine.
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U.S. Ties with Mexico’s Military Never Closer

U.S. Ties with Mexico’s Military Never Closer feature image
April 26, 2015
. . . the U.S. is helping the Mexican government cover up information about grave human rights violations. Indeed, a thorough analysis of internal government files, released through Freedom of Information requests or through leaks, reveals a pattern of abuses and cover-ups . . .
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Portside Culture

Ugly Food Gets Attractive

Dan Mitchell
Less than beautiful produce can be an attractive and economical supply source

Netflix' Daredevil Is TV's First Gentrification-Fighting Superhero

Jeet Heer
New Republic
“Daredevil,” adapted from the long-running Marvel comics franchise, is a superhero show about the evils of gentrification—a politically engaged work which is energized by debates about urban inequality. These debates are salient not only in the era of Mayor Bill de Blasio but also have roots deep in the city’s history.

Guernica, revisited

Richard Vargas
Guernica, revisited (Winston-Salem, NC: Press 53, 2014).
April 26 is the 78th anniversary of the bombing of the Basque town, Guernica, by German and Italian air forces during the Spanish Civil War. It was this atrocity against innocent civilians that prompted Pablo Picasso to create his most famous painting. As New Mexico poet Richard Vargas writes, however, worldwide public outrage has not stopped the strategy of indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations.

Court-Sanctioned Corruption and Plutocracy in America

Michael Hirsch
The Indypendent, Issue #205
Successive High Court decisions have done more than enfranchise corporations at the expense of the rest of us. The same logic in the same cases now defines public corruption down: that a direct and palpable quid pro quo must be seen to operate. Absent that smoking gun, the financial elite has no limits on bankrolling campaigns whose candidates then vote their interests. To the nation's founders, that untrammeled influence was the essence of public corruption.

Empowering Words

Steven B. Smith
The New York Times Sunday Book Review
Last week, Our Declaration, by Danielle Allen, made PEN/America Center's shortlist for the Galbraith Award for Nonfiction. The prize goes to "an author of a distinguished book of general nonfiction" "notable literary merit and critical perspective" that highlights "important contemporary issues." Allen's book was published last year to a host of lively reviews. Here is one of the earliest, by Steven B. Smith.

'Ex Machina' Review: Gorgeous Futurism, But Flawed Gender Depictions

Cara Rose DeFabio
Ava, the robot star of Ex Machina, the dazzling sic-fi thriller, could easily be seen as an addition to the list of subservient bots in the tradition of Siri and Samantha—a machine that exists to tend every man's need, and read him driving directions without challenging masculinity. But if you push past that frustration, the film brings to the fore the idea that technology is as imperfect as its creators, and its mirror can provide a useful reflexion.

Portside Labor

Nurses Authorize Two-Day Strike of Kaiser, Providence

Los Angeles Business Journal
The California Nurses Association is calling on more than 2,400 nurses to strike Providence Health and Services hospitals in Santa Monica and Torrance and at Kaiser Permanente’s Los Angeles Medical Center over staffing levels and retention rates.

19 Months on the Picket Lines

Ben Chacko
The People's Daily Morning Star
The 120 workers at Crown Metal Packaging have now been on strike 19 months resisting a union-busting employer aiming to slash wages and cut pensions. They have been supported by the international solidarity of Workers Uniting, the global union formed by North America's United Steel Workers and Britain's Unite.

The Recovery Fails to Deliver Rising Wages

Gregory N Heires
The New Crossroads
The Economic Institute reports "2014 Continues a 35-Year Trend of Broad-based Wage Stagnation." Those at the top are the only ones to have a real increase in pay.

German Train Drivers Start Strike Seen Costing $100 Million a Day

The GDL union, which represents about one in 10 of railway operator Deutsche Bahn's nearly 200,000 workers, wants a 5-percent pay rise and a reduction in the working week to 37 hours from 39. It is also fighting for the right to negotiate on behalf of other employees including train stewards.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on April 24, 2015

When a cheating scandal rocks an Atlanta school system, Jon notices eerie similarities to the 2008 U.S. financial crisis brought on by Wall Street.

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A small-town high school's new football coach faces opposition after he implements a controversial no-rape code of conduct.

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Killswitch is about the battle for control over the Internet, framedby the story of two young hactivists, Aaron Swartz & Edward Snowden, who symbolize the disruptive and dynamic nature of the Internet.

Posted by Portside on April 24, 2015

Democracy Now! speaks with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis in Athens. The debt clock is ticking, and Greece refuses to implement more austerity.

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An exclusive documentary on how the country icon changed music history with his beat-up Martin acoustic, 'Trigger.'

Posted by Portside on April 17, 2015

According to Dick Cheney, President Obama is practically an Iranian agent. But can some classic sleuthing uncover an even greater threat to America than Barack Obama?
Posted by Portside on April 17, 2015

The Hunger Game's 16-year-old Amandla Stenberg delivers a crash course on black culture with a fellow classmate for their history class.