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How Unions and Environmental Groups are Finding Common Ground

Julie Grant
Michigan Radio
Leaders in both the environmental and labor movements say the country could prevent more public health disasters like the toxic water crisis in Flint, Michigan, if old infrastructure is fixed or replaced -- like leaky drinking water pipes, and natural gas pipelines. And at the same time, the repairs would create jobs.

Labor Research and Action Network Aims To Connect Researchers and Scholars with the Labor Movement

Jeff Schuhrke
Working In These Times
After the Wisconsin uprising, Erin Johansson and others felt there needed to be a central hub to connect scholars and the movement. The result was the creation of the Labor Research and Action Network (LRAN), an open, volunteer-driven forum to match academics with campaigners, share skills, design trainings, and award research grants to emerging scholars. The sixth annual meeting of LRAN took place this past weekend in Chicago.

The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform

Bill McKibben
The Clinton campaign was ready to acknowledge serious problems: We need fair trade policy, inequality is a horrible problem, and unchecked climate change will wreck the planet. But when it came to specific policy changes, they often balked. Amendments against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and backing Medicare for all failed, with all the Clinton delegates voting against.

Former Chilean Military Official Found Liable for Killing of Victor Jara

Richard Luscomb
The Guardian
“It’s a step on the path towards justice for our clients and for Victor but also for the many other families who lost someone at Chile Stadium so many years ago,” she said after the verdict. “We presented evidence that started to shed light on what happened there, and we hope that process will continue in Chile and we hope that the United States will extradite Mr Barrientos to face justice in the country where he committed these crimes.”

Film Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Ed Rampell
Hollywood Progressive
In essence, Wilderpeople is about an urban Maori (the indigenous people of NZ) juvenile delinquent type, Ricky Baker (the droll, roly-poly Julian Dennison), who is placed in a foster home somewhere out in the bush. There, he is begrudgingly adopted by “Uncle” Hec, a Caucasian ex-con and “bush man” played by the great Sam Neill.

Super-Tasters vs Non-Tasters: What's Better?

Guy Crosby, PhD, CFS
Harvard Chan Newsletter
There are genetic differences in our ability to taste food. It has been known for many years that some people are extremely sensitive to the taste of bitter substances, while others perceive little or no bitter taste. The former were called super-tasters and the latter non-tasters. In the middle was everyone else.

Debate on Cuba’s Future Underway

Oscar Sánchez Serra
During the recent 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, it was agreed that the Draft Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social Model and the National Economic and Social Development Plan through 2030 would be submitted to a process of democratic consultation across Cuban society.

American Ugliness: Queer and Trans People of Color Say Not in Our Names

Jack Aponte
Mateen didn't need to look to ISIS for inspiration for his attack on Pulse, a LGBT nightclub that he targeted on its "Latin Night," when it was populated primarily by queer and trans Latinx and Black people. The homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism and violence that Mateen reportedly exhibited on many occasions exist in abundance right here in the United States, where Mateen was born and raised.