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Jobs, Justice, and the Clean-Energy Future

Jeremy Brecher
Dollars and Sense
The Clean Energy Future will provide many new jobs for each that is lost. There will, however, be fewer jobs in coal, oil, and gas extraction and burning and in nuclear energy. For example, there will be about 100,000 fewer jobs each year in mining and extraction compared to the business-as-usual scenario.

The Heavy and Unsustainable Price of Chile's Privatized Water

Daniel Gallagher
The Guardian
Promoted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the Chilean model for the commodification of water has changed the way water is valued and managed globally. But with water availability to Chile’s capital predicted to fall 40% by 2070, Chileans are demanding the government prioritize human and ecological needs over profit and scrap the neoliberal scheme that began with the privatization of the nation’s water under the Pinochet dictatorship.

Friday Nite Videos -- September 23, 2016

Reverend Barber: We Need To See The Video. Jordan Klepper Finds Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally. Senator Elizabeth Warren Questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf. The Trump Taj Mahal Is Closing: Did It Make Atlantic City Great? Movie: Command and Control.

The Left Underestimates the Danger of Trump

Arun Gupta
The Anarres Project
This election is a choice between two movements. Movements like Black Lives Matter, Climate Justice, low-wage workers, and immigrant rights. Or Neo-Nazis, the Klan, and the Alt-Right backed by a Trump administration.

Why We Are Protesting in Charlotte

William Barber II
New York Times
Charlotte’s protests are not black people versus white people. They are not black people versus the police. The protesters are black, white and brown people, crying out against police brutality and systemic violence.

Our Hamburger Hill

Anne Cheilek
"Hamburger Hill," site of a notorious battle in May 1969 in Vietnam, in which American troops made daily frontal assaults on entrenched enemy positions, receiving grisly casualties and causing, for the first time, significant voices of mutiny. On the tenth day, they captured the hill. Then, since it had no military value, the troops were withdrawn. California poet Anne Cheilek succinctly captures the absurdity.

Charlotte Cops Dig In, Won't Release Video; Opposition to Police Terror Builds; The Shattering of Charlotte's Myth of Racial Harmony

Sarah Lazare; Janet Allon; David A. Graham
Another Black man murdered by police. This time in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the nation's 20 largest cities, The Queen City has tended to see itself as a beacon of New South moderation, but from slavery to segregation to police violence, it faces the same pressures as many other metropolises. Reporters on the ground say, that skepticism toward the police narrative on all counts is 'definitely in order.'

Why I am on the Women's Boat to Gaza

LisaGay Hamilton
What possessed me to travel 6,000 miles from L.A. and my family in order to brave the Mediterranean Sea in what is now beginning to look like the smallest vessel on the docks? Why join another effort to break the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza? I am here for the women-the extraordinary women of Gaza as well as the amazing women I'm proud to call my shipmates.

With New Israel Aid Deal, Obama Is Patron of the Occupation; Hundreds of Israeli Intellectuals Ask World Jewry: `End Occupation for Israel's Sake'

Gideon Levy; Times of Israel; Ravit Hecht
Haaretz (Israel)
U.S. generosity, which costs every American taxpayers $300 a year, is detrimental to Israel and will only push it toward more acts of aggression. Hundreds of Israeli intellectuals appeal to world Jewry: `End Occupation for Israel's Sake'. Signatories of letter include seven high-ranking IDF officers, 20 former ambassadors, authors David Grossman, Amos Oz. As long as U.S. aid isn't in question, Israeli settlements are here to stay.