Media Bits and Bytes – Good News Edition

Blocker blocked from blocking; Local news vs Goliath; Netflix saves the day; Google j’accuse!; Digital democracy in Detroit
August 1, 2017
Monique Tate, digital steward trainer with the Equitable Internet Initiative, shows off community wireless technology on the roof of WNUC, Detroit


Federal Judge: Official Violated First Amendment By Blocking User From Her Facebook Page

By Doug Mataconis
July 29, 2017
Outside the Beltway

In a case that could have implications for a lawsuit recently filed against President Trump, a Federal District Court Judge in Virginia has ruled against a local government elected official who temporarily banned a constituent from accessing her personal Facebook page which she was using to interact with constituents.

Here’s How Local TV News is Making It Harder For the Senate To Repeal Obamacare

By Erika Franklin Fowler and Sarah E. Gollust
July 26, 2017
Washington Post

Senate efforts have failed so far for a variety of reasons. But here’s one that hasn’t yet been explored: local television news. That drumbeat of coverage in their home districts during Senate debates may have made some GOP senators think twice about angering constituents — including those of their own party.

How Netflix DDoS’d Itself To Help Protect the Entire Internet

By Lily Hay Newman
July 28, 2017

Netflix security engineer Scott Behrens ran a massive infrastructure test on the streaming system in front of dozens of coworkers. In the process, he brought the site down. He proved that Netflix was vulnerable to an unorthodox type of distributed denial of service attack – the first step toward preventing it in the future, not just for Netflix but for the entire internet.

Watchdog Group Files Complaint Over Google Tracking In-Person Purchases

By Camila Domonoske
July 31, 2017

The Electronic Privacy Information Center is concerned that Google's methods, the details of which are not public, may not sufficiently safeguard users' privacy. The center, also known as EPIC, is asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.

How a Surprising Partnership Will Result In Internet For Detroiters Lacking Access

By Aaron Mondry
July 31, 2017
model D

The Detroit church Grace in Action is going to be the hub of a powerful Wi-Fi connection that will provide 50 nearby households with high-speed internet. Two other hubs, located in the North End and Islandview neighborhoods, will be the base of routers and another 50 households each.

August 1, 2017