An Apartheid Legal System Just Got Worse

Haaretz Editorial
Haaretz (Israel)
Prohibition on Palestinian appeals to military court decisions confiscating their property embodies the essence of occupation. Returning the legal situation to the narrow province of military law harms the rights of the Palestinian residents, and the removal of judicial oversight for the proceedings against them allows these rights to be harmed arbitrarily, in violation of international law and the basic rules of justice.

Tidbits - December 26, 2013

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Open CIA Files on Mandela - Can the Story Be Told?

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, Jeff Stein, Roots Action
Media coverage of Nelson Mandela's release from prison failed to mention there was strong evidence that the CIA had tipped off South African authorities to Mandela's location in 1962, resulting in his arrest. So with coverage of Mandela's death dominating the media now, can the story of the CIA's role in Mandela's capture be told?


December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela makes a surprise appearance in this Johnny Clegg performance of Asimbonanga after the unbanning. The lyrics are powerful protest against the imprisonment of Mandela and his comrades a sense of loss for the murdered Steve Biko and others.