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Monopoly Men

K. Sabeel Rahman
Boston Review
After an eventful summer in Silicon Valley, there is blood in the water. At stake is democracy itself.

Victory in Stagnation?

Mark Bergfeld, Leandros Fischer
Die Linke’s electoral result shows what the party must do to really contend for power.

McDonald's Labor Abuses and the GOP

Thor Benson
Working In These Times
If successful, the bill would mark a historic shift in labor law. Millions of low-wage workers across the country would be directly impacted, losing a key mechanism to protect their rights on the job, while corporations which regularly escape liability would gain protections.

Donald Trump Sued by 18 States

Jon Sharman
the Independent
Donald Trump sued by 18 states for ending key Obamacare payments with executive order. Move to end subsidies for lower-income customers 'breathtakingly reckless', says New York's attorney general

Iran Rebukes Trump as War of Words Escalates

Nasser Karimi and Jon Gambrell
Boston Globe
Iranian officials and media outlets on Saturday uniformly condemned Trump’s comments that angrily accused Iran of violating the spirit of the 2015 accord and demanded Congress toughen the law governing U.S. participation.

How the US Government Created and Coddled the Gun Industry

Brian DeLay
The Conversation
The U.S. arms industry’s close alliance with the government began with the American Revolution. And ever since, the U.S.’ aggressive international role has insured steady profits for the country’s gun makers. The gun lobby has succeeded by promoting an ingenious illusion. It has framed the government as the enemy of the gun business rather than its indispensable historic patron, convincing millions of Americans the state may at any moment try to confiscate their guns.

Friday Nite Videos | October 13, 2017

Lin-Manuel Miranda| Almost Like Praying. Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump and Systemic Sexism. The Try Guys Try Immigrating to America. Jon Stewart Grants Trump's Request for Equal Time. Eminem Rips Donald Trump in BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher.

Not Our Tribe

Jed Myers
Seattle poet Jed Myers speaks of the fear of strangers, how our eyes assess and judge newcomers, searching for the glimmer that makes them one of us.