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A Trailblazing New Law in Illinois Will Dramatically Expand Temp Workers’ Rights

Jeff Schurke
In These Times
The legislation, which addresses job insecurity, hiring discrimination and workplace safety, was championed by the Chicago Workers’ Collaborative (CWC) and Warehouse Workers for Justice (WWJ), as well as the Illinois AFL-CIO and Raise the Floor Alliance, a coalition of eight Chicago worker centers.

Donald Trump’s Dangerously Coherent Agenda

John Nichols
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
President Trump’s agenda is disturbingly coherent, and it is based around militarism, austerity, social division, voter suppression, and right-wing authoritarianism.

Puerto Rico: No Debt Forgiveness If Wall Street Has Its Way

Kate Aronoff
The Intercept
Even before Hurricane Maria, the “colonial and undemocratic” federal board managing Puerto Rico’s debt was forced to consider 79% debt forgiveness. Today as demands grow for full debt cancellation and a massive relief package, the vulture bondholders want just the opposite. They want to oust the oversight board for even considering debt relief, and they want tax breaks for multinationals in Puerto Rico and the “militarization of the island” to “maintain law and order.”

Friday Nite Videos | October 6, 2017

John Oliver | The NRA. Cable Street: Anti-Fascist Story in Song. Betsy DeVos Faces Silent Protest at Harvard. An Algorithm That Could Help End Partisan Gerrymandering. How Russia Sent a Small Idaho Town Into a Fake News Tailspin.