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United States Deported Over 13,000 Unaccompanied Mexican Minors Last Year

Esther Yu-Hsi Lee
Think Progress
The odds are stacked against immigrant children wanting to stay in the U.S. Although immigrants with legal representation are nine times more likely to win their case, less than fifty percent of children have legal representation. In fact, immigrants are not entitled to public defenders in immigration court. It is not unusual for a toddler or a six-year-old to appear in front of the judge without a lawyer.

Friday Nite Videos -- Songs of Immigration -- July 12, 2013

Who defines the Dream, as the Dreamers movement implicitly asserts, matters a great deal. In fact, it defines the nation. Here are 10 songs of immigration and identity: Crash at Los Gatos (Deportee). Ice El Hielo. Jamaica Farewell. Across the Borderline. Follow the Drinking Gourd. No Irish Need Apply. Rumania, Rumania. America (West Side Story). Where Is the Love? Ballad for Americans.

Will Progress Follow Process in Israel-Palestine?

Carl Bloice
Foreign Policy in Focus
In the upcoming Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the issue will be what it has always been: will there be an end to the Israeli occupation and an agreement on the borders of a Palestinian state?

Tidbits - July 25, 2013

Reader's Comments - North Carolina and Voting Rights; Socialist Youth Reunion; Zimmerman Acquittal; Internet & Inequality; Farmworkers; Wall-Mart; Petition - Save Worker Education Program at Brooklyn College; Announcements - Forgotten History of Civil Rights: The March On Washington - Book Signing & Forum- NYC- Aug 1; Confronting the Climate Crisis- Bay Area- Aug 2; Legacies of the March on Washington- NYC- Aug 16; Jean Damu, R.I.P.; Margrit Pittman Mem

Young Activists Occupy Florida Capitol, Demand Justice for Trayvon

Sarah Jaffe
In These Times - Web Only Feature
Today, the Dream Defenders--a multiracial, multiethnic group of young people--celebrated the 10th day of occupying Florida's state capitol. They say they're not leaving until Florida takes concrete steps to deal with the bigger issues exposed by Trayvon Martin's shooting. When Gov. Rick Scott met with them and suggested they "pray" about racial profiling, they responded, "Faith without works is dead."

Fukushima Continues to Spew Its Darkness

Harvey Wasserman
While a depleted, discredited and disorganized nuclear utility moves to restart its other reactors, its stricken units at Fukushima continue to hold the rest of us at the brink of apocalyptic terror.

Russia’s Anti-Gay Crackdown

Harvey Fierstein
New York Times
"... the rest of the world remains almost completely ignorant of Mr. Putin’s agenda."