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Facebook Unveils New Waste of Time

Andy Borowitz
The New Yorker
“Our research showed that Facebook users still had a few hours a day when they were leading somewhat healthy and productive lives. Our new software will change all of that.”

Michigan GOP Explores Further Limits on Unions

Chad Livengood
The Detroit News
Arguments against Michigan's 5-day-old right-to-work law are prompting conservative activists and Republican authors of the historic legislation to consider other ways to reduce the power of public-sector unions.

Double Whammy - A Grim Jobs Picture & a Horrible "Grand Bargain" Move

Carl Bloice, Black Commentator Editorial Board
Black Commentator
First, a terrible jobs report, then a Democratic President offers a budget that proposes cuts to Social Security and Medicare. What they actually heard was Austerity 2013 - U.S. style. President Obama's offering up a cut in Social Security (make no mistake, that's what it is) contravenes promises he has previously made about not undermining the program and a recent flat out pledge by Vice-President Joe Biden that it would not happen.

Capitalism: A Disaster for All Seasons

Steve Fraser
More Sandys are surely headed our way, more climate-driven disasters of all sorts...They will be no more "natural" than the Chicago fire, the Johnstown flood or the San Francisco earthquake. We need to deal with now is the power of the finance, insurance and real estate sector whose leading corporations now effectively run our economy.

Tidbits - April 11, 2013

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Judicial Amendments and the Attack on Worker Rights

Ellen Dannin and Ann Hodges, Truthout Op-Ed
NLRB passed by Congress and later amended by Congress - weakened by the courts - judges who are not elected. The answer is that the strong protections in the law Congress passed have been weakened by "judicial amendments" - that is, by court decisions that weaken or even eliminate worker rights and protections created by Congress.

Construction Booming In Texas, But Many Workers Pay Dearly

Wade Goodwyn
National Public Radio (NPR)
One in thirteen workers in the Lone Star State - nearly one million - are employed in the booming construction industry. But large numbers of these workers are undocumented and unorganized, and employers are taking advantage.

Colombia Peace Marches Draw Thousands

By Peter Bolton and Jonathan Watts
The Guardian
Tens of thousands of Colombians have taken to the streets of Bogotá in support of peace talks aimed at ending Latin America's longest-running insurgency

Disturbing Pablo Neruda’s Rest

By Ilan Stavans
New York Times
On its surface, a poem seems incapable of stopping a bullet. Yet Chile’s transition to democracy was facilitated by the poet’s survival in people’s minds, his lines repeated time and again, as a form of subversion. Life cannot be repressed, he whispered in everyone’s ears. It was a message for which he may have died, but that lives on in his verse.