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On the Ugly Side of the Wall

Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Travis Smiley Show
Last month, a small delegation of African American artists traveled through Israel and Palestine to get a firsthand look at the daily lives of Palestinians. What they saw shocked and angered them, and their eyewitness accounts are sure to spark debate here as heated as any confrontation in the Middle East. Bill Fletcher Jr., senior scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, led the delegation and shares his perspective on the region.

Koch Brothers Confidential Donors Exposed

Andy Kroll and Daniel Schulman
The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference. A list of one-on-one meetings between VIP donors and the Kochs and their operatives offers a revealing look into their mighty political machine. Read It here

Friday Nite Videos -- Feb 7, 2014

Portrait of a Haitian Graffiti Artist. What Did You Learn in School Today? Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Woody Guthrie Sez What Songs He Hates.

Jumpstarting the Vote in North Carolina

Chris Kromm
Institute for Southern Studies
Operation Jumpstart plans to carry out a thousand "projects" across North Carolina by Election Day: trainings, forums and other outreach to people and groups needing help to navigate the state's bewildering -- and potentially intimidating -- laws that aim to restrict voting rights.

Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Rights, and the Legacy of Massive Resistance

Abigail Perkiss
National Constitution Center
The Oklahoma legislature may consider a bill to end government licensing of marriage entirely. The bill, which is part of a broader strategy to avoid same-sex unions throughout the state, calls to mind efforts by lawmakers in the 1950s to undermine federally-mandated desegregation by shutting down public schools in the American South.

Nurses in Greenfield Ma. Win 2 Year Fight

Massachusetts Nurses Association
Baystate Franklin Medical Center Nurses Reach Tentative Agreement With Baystate Health, Averting One-day Unfair Labor Practice Strike Planned for Feb. 10

France Forces Africa to Pay for Colonialism

Mawuna Remarque Koutonin
Silcon Africa
Did you know many African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today! 14 African countries forced by France to pay colonial tax for the "benefits of slavery and colonization."

Impact of BDS Grows, and Grows - The View from Israel

Peter Beinart; RT News
Say what you will about the boycotting, divesting from and sanctioning Israel. The tactical brilliance of BDS becomes clearer with every passing month. Amid faltering peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli politicians and business leaders are forced to consider a host of international boycotts that threaten to damage the economy of the Jewish state.

Tidbits - February 6, 2014

Reader Comments - Pete Seeger; Jews and Mayor de Blasio; Atlanta; NSA; Staples & Postal Jobs; Minimum Wage; Wars of Reconstruction; Brooklyn College CWE; Drugs and Philip Seymour Hoffman; Christie Scandal; Unions and Keystone Pipeline; Announcements - New Music Video-Close Guantanamo; Egyptian Revolution in Perspective -NYC-Feb 8; Fight Against VEOLIA Privatization -SF-Feb 8; Book Signing-William L.

"The Second Machine Age" by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

Steven Pearlstein
Washington Post
"The Second Machine Age," by MIT professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, has gotten a lot of attention for its bold predictions of a forthcoming giant leap forward in the kinds of tasks that smart machines (robots) will be capable of performing. This could have a major impact on the nature of work, the number of jobs, the kinds of jobs, and the kind of society we will have in the future.

Union Rule Despised by Right-Wingers Now Roaring Back to Life

Josh Eidelson
When workers want to vote on whether to form a union, they should have a fair chance to do so. The National Labor Relations Board is set to issue rules that aim to do that. A rule that Romney scorched and judges killed is being revived by Obama appointees. While the proposed rule is a basic step toward protecting workers' rights, much more needs to be done to fully address the significant challenges people face when they try to come together for a voice on the job.