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The Myth of Living Beyond Our Means

Robert Reich
Robert Reich's Blog
The richest 1 percent now own more than 35 percent of all of the nation’s household wealth, and 38 percent of the nation’s financial assets – including stocks and pension funds. The richest 400 Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million of us put together. 6 Walmart heirs have more wealth than bottom 33 million American families combined. So why are we even contemplating cutting programs the middle class and poor depend on, and raising raising their taxes?

Voices of Protest from Tahrir

Carl Finamore
In These Times
The Brotherhood, the military and the property class are increasing their stranglehold on society, but the spirit of revolution, two years on, is undiminished. The youth, women and workers have not been defeated, and they want their voices heard.

Big Banks and Income Disparity

Wallace Turbeville
When banks complain that regulations stifle innovation or profit potential or that business may be driven offshore, the answer may well be “so what.” The startling truth may be that the elimination of most of the financial innovations of the last 35 years would be the best job creator ever considered.

Friday Nite Videos

Seven Brides for Seven Corporations -- A Citizens United Romance; Win, Lose or Straw: Paul Ryan on Rhetorical Devices; Does President Obama Need Luther in His Second Term?; What Happens When You Cross a Robotics Expert With a Cartoonist?

The GOP Crackup: How Obama is Unraveling Reagan Republicanism

Robert Reich
Soon after President Obama’s second inaugural address, John Boehner said the White House would try “to annihilate the Republican Party” and “shove us into the dustbin of history.”Actually, the GOP is doing a pretty good job annihilating itself.

Chimps Might Have a Sense of Fair Play

Michael Balter
If you give a mouse a cookie, will it give you something back? Researchers have long wondered whether animals play fair. A new study in chimps suggests that they do, although some skeptics are not convinced.