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Trump and Russia: Shortest Reset Ever

John Feffer
Foreign Policy in Focus
In Trump, the Kremlin got what it wanted — an America paralyzed by an incompetent administration at odds with more than half the country’s population.

It’s Only My Health

Olivia Alperstein
I'm one of the millions who could lose access to health care if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act.

From Bad to Worse for Puerto Rico

Joseph E. Stiglitz and Martin Guzman
Project Syndicate
The plan by the oversight board for Puerto Rico will depress the economy further and fuel a debt spiral, in which Puerto Ricans, US taxpayers, and in the long run, even the creditors will lose

My Mother Cleans and Starts the Gumbo

Karen Maceira
Lindenwood Review
"What does it mean to have/a child in prison?" asks New Orleans poet Karen Maceira, observing how her mother answers and can't answer that question.

What Would Mark Twain Think of Donald Trump?

Jeffrey Wasserstrom
The Conversation
Twain felt that no one was too grand to be satirized. “Irreverence,” he wrote, “is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense.”

The Three Trumps

Jeffrey D. Sachs
Project Syndicate
Perhaps all three Trumps – friend of Putin, wealth maximizer, and demagogue – are really one

Ni Una Menos -- A Day Without a Woman -- Renews Our Revolution

Lea Melandri
il manifesto
Although the feminist revolution could have crushed the patriarchy and capitalism, the corresponding political movement was fatally fragmented from ts inception because of the breadth of its themes. But yesterday's international women’s strike recombined the spirit of the movement in a vision that encompasses everything: sexual and reproductive self-determination, job insecurity, migration, femicide and male violence, sexism, racism and homophobia.

Trump Cites Fake FBI Terror Plots to Justify Muslim Ban

Chip Gibbons
Rights & Dissent
Trump’s new Muslim Ban order attempts to “provide some evidence” by giving reasons for why each of the countries were targeted for the ban, as well as why he is suspending the refugee program. He proffers two incidents in which refugees were convicted on terrorism related charges. What Trump fails to disclose is that in each case the “terrorism” in question was concocted by the FBI, as part of a sting operation.

He's My Death, Too

Shehryar Fazli
Los Angeles Review of Books
The lynching of Emmett Till some six decades ago still stands as a singular moment in the movement for black liberation, racial equality, and against racism. This new book revisits that history.