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The Use of Forced Labor in Private Immigration Detention Centers

Leora Smith
on labor
In their claim against GEO, plaintiffs argue that the company violated the TVPA through it’s “Housing Unit Sanitation” policy which dictated that six detainees be randomly selected in each “pod” every day and forced to complete maintenance tasks without pay, under threat of solitary confinement.

Sunday’s French Election

Richard Greeman
The Bullet
Macron is also pledged to another anti-worker ‘reform’: the downgrading of France's wonderful post-WWII Social Security system which includes healthcare, unemployment insurance, retirement, minimum survival income, housing subsidies and welfare for the poor.

The Blueprint

Rónán Burtenshaw, Max Shanly
Jacobin Magazine
Labour’s manifesto offers a vision to radically improve the lives of millions. This article has a link to the Labour Party manifesto.

A Cautious Examination of the New Alliance Against Qatar

Richard Falk
Global Justice in the 21st Century
It is too early to provide a reliable analysis of the Persian Gulf crisis sparked by the abrupt decision of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies to break diplomatic and economic relations with Qatar. There are too many actors, conflicts, mixed and hidden motives and contradictions at play. Yet, one can clearly assert that it has nothing to do with strengthening the anti-ISIS, anti-extremist coalition of Arab forces, and that it is directed as much at Iran as Qatar.

Friday Nite Videos | June 9, 2017

The Case for Obstruction of Justice in Three Minutes. Watergate Lawyer: If Donald Trump Tries to Fight Subpoenas, He Will Lose. Citizen Jane: Battle for the City. William J. Barber II | Shifting the Moral Conversation. Jeremy Corbyn's Victory.

Why Corbyn Won

Bhaskar Sunkara
I don't care if he didn't actually win — he won. Jeremy Corbyn has given us a blueprint to follow for years to come.


John Sweden
Amid “the caked-on lies” of our political leaders and corporate aggressors, New Zealand poet John Sweden offers no remedies, only an imagined hope.