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In Trump’s World Where Money Talks, Saudi Arabia Gets a Free Pass

Medea Benjamin
Protecting Saudi Arabia is not new; it has been US policy since the discovery of oil in the desert nation in the 1930s. Despite evidence that the Saudi government was supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates, President Obama continued the cozy Saudi relationship, but when Obama signed the nuclear deal with Saudi’s nemesis, Iran, the relationship started to fray. It now appears that Donald Trump will be an even more staunch supporter of the Saudi regime.

Betsy DeVos Comfirmed - Lessons Learned

1. 5 Lessons for the Trump Resistance from Betsy DeVos Contentious Confirmation by Jefferson Morley 2. Betsy DeVos Confirmed Despite Massive Protests! by Diane Ravitch

Exploiting Black Labor After the Abolition of Slavery

Kathy Roberts Forde and Bryan Bowman
The Conversation
As W.E.B. Du Bois wrote, the “slave went free; stood a brief moment in the sun; then moved back again toward slavery.” According to Douglas Blackmon, author of “Slavery by Another Name,” the choices made by Southern white supremacists after abolition, and the rest of the country’s accommodation, “explain more about the current state of American life, black and white, than the antebellum slavery that preceded.”

When Capitalists Go on Strike

Kevin Young, Tarun Banerjee, & Michael Schwartz
Government officials know this power (capital strike) well, and invest great energy and public resources in staving off fits by malcontent capitalists. The profoundly rotten campaign finance system is just one manifestation of business’s domination over government policy. The real power resides in the corporate world’s monopoly over the flow of capital.

Progie Nominations for 2016’s Best Progressive Films and Filmmakers

Ed Rampell
Hollywood Progressive
The Progies premiered in The Progressive Magazine in 2007 to pay tribute to and highlight films and filmmakers of conscience and consciousness. With an eye on cinema history, the awards in a variety of categories are named after outstanding progressive pictures or artists.

Whose Strike?

Alex Gourevitch
The Current Moment
Calling for a general strike now bears no relation to what mass strikes have meant in the past. The flight from reality shows up in activists’ blasé attitude to history and their very distant relationship to the working class.

The New Merchants of Death

Jeremy Kuzmarov
ROAR Magazine
Social movements ought to place private military contractors at the center of a broader critique of authoritarian neoliberalism and America’s permanent war economy.

Is It Time for the AFL and the CIO to Part Ways Again?

Ruth Needleman
Now more than ever we need a strong united labor movement. We do not, however, have one. [Moderator's Note: An incorrect version of this article was previously posted. This is a corrected version. Portside regrets the error.]

The Muslim Ban and Beyond: Fighting White Power in Trump’s America

Beverly Bell
Of the hatred and bigotry currently on display, Haitian-American physician Jonel Daphnis, said, “It’s always been like this. It’s just that instead of cursing us out quietly, now they’re emboldened to curse us out loud. Now we can’t keep up delusion as a way of maintaining our mental and spiritual well-being. It’s out in the open."

Moringa: The new nutritious vegetable-powder

Wolfgang Moritz, Vitarbo AG
New Food Magazine
As a natural vegetarian food, moringa is rich in antioxidants and contains a healthy mix of nutrients, including Vitamin E and Folic acid.

Our Cynicism Will Not Build a Movement. Collaboration Will.

Alicia Garza
No one is safe from the transition this country is undergoing. While many of us have faced hate, ignorance and greed in our daily lives, the period that we have entered is unlike anything that any of us has ever seen before.

From Auschwitz to Palestine, Ferguson to Juarez

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
Eight days after Donald Trump has been sworn into office, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) reflects on the significance of Holocaust Memorial Day. We hear echoes of the fascism and white supremacy of 1930’s Europe in the words and threatened actions of Trump’s administration. We see the racist, Islamophobic, anti-semitic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and ableist hate and violence Trump fuels and is fueled by.