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The case for radical modernity

Jeremy Gilbert
Red Pepper
Socialism has only been able to develop a successful political programme when it has understood itself as a modernising project, working with the grain of technological and organisational progress

The Second Tunisian Revolution

Giuliana Sgrena
il manifesto
Protests expanded across the country this week in reminiscence of the Arab Spring. Unemployment is high, and citizens are unhappy with the pace and direction of reform.

Why Bernie Sanders Trounced Hillary Clinton Among Young Voters

Zack Carter
Huffington Post
Sanders' massive 84 to 14 margin over Clinton among voters under 30 shows that the party's future is eager to break with its past. For Clinton and the entire Democratic Party establishment this poses an acute problem: How to appeal to an electorate whose political views were shaped by a Wall Street crash that left the elites in both parties largely unaffected. Sanders has figured it out.

Auschwitz, Hedy Epstein and Her Search for Justice

Pablo Vivanco
Telesur in English
Shortly after turning 90, Hedy was arrested in a demonstration over the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson. She has also visited the Israeli-Occupied West Bank five times, and been turned away from visiting Gaza the same amount of times by Israeli authorities. “It’s part and parcel of my entire political philosophy, when there is something wrong being done I can’t stand idly by … I have to be out there.”

Europe's Colonial Amnesia and its Repercussions for the Migrant and Refugee Crisis

Henriette Johansen
Middle East Monitor
The people stuck in Calais are caught between two major colonial powers which must bear responsibility for much of the violence and destruction which has driven refugees from their homes in the Middle East and beyond. Their awful situation is relevant in trying to understand the colonial legacy and Europe's obsession with borders and fear of the immense efforts by civil society to help, even as they are curbed by Europe's governments.

Uber Drivers in New York City Protest Fare Cuts

Marc Santora and John Surico
The New York Times
Tsering Sherpa, a Queens resident who said he drove for Uber six days a week, eight hours a day, predicted the fare cuts would force him to work 10 to 14 hours a day to make his rent and car payments. “New York City just keeps getting more and more expensive,” Mr. Sherpa said at the rally. “How are we supposed to survive with less money?” “They call us partners,” he added. “But they’re treating us like slaves.”

Adding Up the Costs of Hillary Clinton’s Wars; Or, Hillary & the Urn of Ashes

Conn Hallinan
Foreign Policy in Focus
Historical blindness has been much on display in the primary season. On the Republican side, candidates promised to “kick ass” in Iraq, make the “sand glow” in Syria, and face down the Russians in Europe. While the Democratic aspirants were a little more measured, they generally share the pervasive ideology that binds together all but “cranks” like Ron Paul: America has the right, indeed the duty, to order the world’s affairs.

The Iowa Winnow

Robert Borosage
Campaign for America's Future
Now the pace accelerates: New Hampshire next week, followed by South Carolina, Nevada and the Super Tuesday states, as more and more Americans discover that a presidential campaign has begun. Iowa will be dissected over the next days, but here are five quick takeaways the morning after.

Film Review: The Brilliance of 'Birth of a Nation"

Eric Kohn
After premiering to prolonged standing ovations and plenty of critical acclaim, the slave revolt drama, Birth of a Nation, set off the fiercest bidding war Sundance has ever seen. Fox Searchlight has come out on top, landing the drama in a record-breaking $17.5 million deal, the biggest purchase in Sundance history.

Global Sweatshops, Solidarity and the Bangladesh Breakthrough

Eric Dirnbach
Public Seminar
After decades of campaigns, the global movement against sweatshops had a few modest (but important) victories. However, a recent breakthrough in Bangladesh in encouraging, and may show the way for making more dramatic changes in the garment industry.

Guacamole and the Super Bowl

Twilight Greenaway
Smithsonian Magazine
Guacamole and the Super Bowl: this off-season penchant for guacamole is an industry creation.

End All U.S. Support for the Government of Saudi Arabia Sign-On Statement by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy January 15, 2016

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
If you wish to add your name to the statement, see the emerging list of signers and their affiliations, and/or make a tax-deductible donation to publicize the statement, please go to the Campaign for Peace and Democracy website. Individuals having difficulty signing on should contact CPD directly at; organizations that wish to endorse the statement should also contact CPD by email.