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There Can Be No Compromise On The Right To Srike

October 23, 2014
Equal Times
Despite being a fundamental human right enshrined in international law, the right to strike is certainly not guaranteed for all workers. In fact, transport workers are one of the groups increasingly being excluded from the right to strike by way of outright bans or public service, essential services or minimum services requirements that severely limit that right.

A ’60s Radical Comes Back with Conservative Allies

October 22, 2014
Durham Herald-Sun
The former radical leader now finds himself in partnership with former adversaries as an advocate for school choice and vouchers. He says he is “a novelty, an outspoken black man and former large system school superintendent who supported a growing movement that was largely championed by conservative white people."

Protesters Burn City Hall in Mexico Town Where 43 Students Vanished

October 22, 2014
Modesto Bee
The attack marked an escalation of protests in the Pacific Coast state of Guerrero, where tensions have been high since scores of student teachers went missing Sept. 26 after clashing with municipal police. Those clashes left six people dead and some 20 injured. Police rounded up 43 other students, but their fate is unknown.

One-Fifth of Detroit's Population Could Lose Their Homes

October 22, 2014
The Atlantic
As Detroit seeks to leave bankruptcy behind and get back on its feet—ramping up development with construction of a light rail and a new hockey arena that will cost the city hundreds of millions of dollars—it is simultaneously bearing witness to a process that could evict up to 142,000 of its residents, many of whom are too poor to pay their property taxes.

Why Dilma Should Look Back to Her Bases in Brazil's Runoff Election

October 22, 2014
NACLA: Report on the Americas;
The election is being avidly watched by the right wing throughout the hemisphere, eager to see signs of ebbing of the "pink tide" that brought progressive governments into several countries of the region in the last decade and a half.

Dark Money Spending in Key Senate Races 'Shattering' Records

October 21, 2014
Common Dreams
The report, "Election Spending 2014: 9 Toss-Up Senate Races", found that outside spending by undisclosed "dark money" groups is on track to "shatter previous records."

Ebola Galvanizes Workers Battling to Join Unions, Improve safety

October 21, 2014
"Most workers were interested in forming a union before, but there was trepidation," said Anthony Reynolds, who cleans airplanes flown by American Airlines and US Airways, Lufthansa and others. "I think now this might be what puts us over the hump to get everyone on board."

Texas' New Voter ID Law Is Racist

October 21, 2014
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Scathing Dissent Offers 12 Reasons Why Texas' New Voter ID Law Is Racist. Ginsburg dissent calls out thinly veiled GOP voter suppression.

Freeport-McMoRan Destroys Famous "Salt of the Earth" Labor Union

October 21, 2014
La Jicarita
The local Steelworkers union Shores decertified is the inheritor of Mine-Mill Local 890, a union made famous by the 1954 film “Salt of the Earth”, which dramatized Local 890’s 1951 Empire Zinc strike. A number of members of the creative team behind the film had been blacklisted by Hollywood.

If Not Now, When? A Labor Movement Plan to Address Climate Change

October 21, 2014
New Labor Forum
The labor movement has not adequately addressed climate change - primarily employment based, rather than a comprehensive strategy to truly address the problem. The authors argue that unions need to step up and mobilize for a real solution that includes a government program that puts people to work converting to a climate-safe economy.

The Federal Reserve Won't Save the Economy for All

October 20, 2014
Next New Deal
There is no silver bullet in this fight for economic justice. Not one public official, nor one economist, nor one President will solve our mess. A return to democratic principles and a deepening of participatory process is what it will take to uplift the working class.