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Ebola Travel Ban: "Prejudice, Plain, and Simple"

October 17, 2014
San Francisco Chronicle
The political manipulation of the irrational fear of immigrants spreading disease is part of an historic pattern in United States. The recent calls for a blanket prohibition on travel from West Africa is prejudice, plain, and simple: prejudging an entire group of people, based on the sickness of a small handful. They echo the kind of bigotry directed at other immigrant groups arriving in this country since the 1800s.

Ukraine's Capital Burdened by Legacy of Violent Protests

October 17, 2014
Protests, including those that often turn violent, have become a common feature in the Ukrainian capital, and more are expected as the October 26th parliamentary elections approach. On Tuesday, violence broke out when protesters from the ultra-right wing Svoboda and Right Sector parties marched on parliament to demand recognition and rehabilitation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which was allied with Nazi Germany during World War II.

Barbie Reincarnate – Only This Time She Looks Human

October 17, 2014
Scientific American
Artist Nickolay Lamm, inspired by his own and his relative’s struggles with body-image issues, wondered what Mattel’s Barbie doll would look like if she weren’t such an anatomical freak.

Eye in the Sky: The Art of Arnold Mesches

October 17, 2014
Mesches is an artist who has illuminated -- in the style of medieval manuscripts -- his own FBI file. “I loved the way they looked, those black strokes, like Franz Kline color sketches. I also thought, ‘This is history, and, hey, this is my history.’”

Thousands Join Street Protest Before Raucous SRC Meeting

October 17, 2014
Furious over the Philadelphia School Reform Commission's move to unilaterally cancel its teachers' contract, 3,000 people shut down North Broad Street on Thursday, vowing more disruptive action if the panel's action is not undone.

Ebola Didn't Have to Kill Thomas Eric Duncan, Nephew Says; Statement by RN's at Texas Health Presbyterian

October 16, 2014
The Dallas Morning News
Thomas Eric Duncan was a victim of a broken system. Why would the hospital would send home a patient with a 103-degree fever and stomach pains who had recently been in Liberia?. Inside story from some registered nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas who have familiarity with what occurred - following the positive Ebola infection of first the late Thomas Eric Duncan and then a registered nurse who cared for him Nina Pham.

U.S. Jews Debate Israel and 'Open Hillel'

October 16, 2014
A student-led movement is seeking to `open' a prominent U.S. Jewish campus group to a broader range of voices, and it's gaining ground. Last weekend, Open Hillel will seek to model an inclusive Jewish community that embraces marginalized voices.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Seven Worst-Case Scenarios in the Battle with the Islamic State

October 16, 2014
President Obama speaking at the Air Force Academy in 2012, told the assembled cadets that they should "never bet against the United States of America... [because] the United States has been, and will always be, the one indispensable nation in world affairs." On that basis, he suggested, the twenty-first century, like the twentieth, would be an American one. You get idea. We are... go ahead, chant it: indispensable! (Tom Engelhardt)

Tom Morello: New Protest Song 'Marching on Ferguson'

October 16, 2014
"100% of the profits from 'Marching On Ferguson' will support defending the protestors in the Ferguson area who have faced attacks, wrongful arrest, and violence from the police," Tom Morello says. "I've witnessed countless incidents of racially motivated police brutality in my lifetime and it's time to say 'Enough!' " -- Hear the song, buy the song, here's the lyrics.

Tidbits - October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014
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Organized Labor Takes on Race and Michael Brown

October 16, 2014
Rebuilding labor means more than ticking off new non-white members, however, it also means transformation—and when it comes to workers of color that means integrating individual on-the-job concerns with “off-the-clock” community concerns like climate change, racial profiling, mass incarceration and, certainly, police violence. And therein lies the rub for organized labor as it looks toward the future.

In N.C., Populist Mobilization Buoys Democrat Kay Hagan

October 15, 2014
The Washington Post
Hagan presents herself as above the fray, but she is propelled by a populist mobilization that will help get out the vote, despite the voting changes and despite the off-year malaise afflicting voters generally and Democratic voters particularly.