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Armed Drones for Sale

March 2, 2015
LA Progressive
As of last week we lifted the ban on selling drones to foreign countries. Arms merchants have neither allies nor enemies. They have only customers. We are a country locked in a permanent war economy. To feed that economy we must have permanent war. And we have never been more successful at securing that combination than we are right now. Our endless wars with Iraq and Afghanistan destabilized the entire region.

The Worrying State of the Anti-Prison Movement

March 2, 2015
Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict and World Order
Social justice activist Ruth Gilmore challenges four opportunist tendencies within the criminal justice movement - with lessons for ALL progressive movements.

Rewriting the Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-Envision Justice

March 2, 2015
Bitch Media Bitch Magazine no. 66
Radical science fiction written by organizers, change makers and visionaries is collected and co-edited by Walidah Imarisha into an anthology Octavi's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements. Imarisha links her editing efforts to her work as a prison abolitionist and larger social movements' on-going need for envisioning our revolutionary futures.

Mend the Gap: 10 Steps Toward a More Equal California

March 2, 2015
As CAPITAL & MAIN's “State of Equality” series has documented, economic inequality poses a grave threat to California’s future. Conditions would be far worse if not for progress made by activists, community leaders and lawmakers. In the last several years, California has generated some of the nation’s most innovative and effective strategies to reverse inequality.

Five Years In - How's the Affordable Care Act Doing? A Diagnosis

March 1, 2015
Five years in the ACA still primarily serves as a huge government marketing campaign for private insurance companies, funneling millions of new customers with few if any restrictions on ever-escalating prices. The ACA built upon the flaws of our market-based system and, quite predictably, is failing to contain costs and provide broad access to affordable, quality health care. Corporate interests still trump the common good in U.S.

Amid National Public Education Battle, Massive Turnout for LA Teachers Rally

March 1, 2015
Common Dreams
An estimated 15,000 teachers and their supporters rallied in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, threatening to strike should union and school district representatives fail to reach an agreement to reduce class sizes, raise teacher pay, and eliminate the existing system for evaluating educators.

More Bucks for the Bang

March 1, 2015
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
What good is it to protect ourselves with nuclear weapons if we poison our people in the process? Unfortunately, this sentiment seems to be missing from the Obama administration and Congress, and one of professor Parkinson’s most important lessons—that “delay is the deadliest form of denial”—remains lost on US decision makers.

A Brutal Beating Wakes Attica’s Ghosts

March 1, 2015
New York Times
A Prison, Infamous for Bloodshed, Faces a Reckoning as Guards Go on Trial

Wrong-Way Obama?

March 1, 2015
The Nation
He may be leading us toward economic catastrophe.

Israel’s Peace Now: Illegal Settlements Designed to Make Two-State Solution Impossible

February 28, 2015
MintPress News
The number of homes under construction in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank rose last year by 40 percent, the Israeli anti-settlement group Peace Now said Monday. Peace Now said the construction of 3,100 “residential units” began last year in illegal West Bank settlements, while 4,485 tenders for construction there and in annexed East Jerusalem settlement districts were launched in 2014 — “a record high for at least a decade.”

China’s Grand Vision of New Silk Roads Across Eurasia

February 28, 2015
The extent and complexity of China’s myriad transformations barely filter into the American media. Stories in the U.S. tend to emphasize the country’s “shrinking” economy, or its role as a military “threat” to Washington and the world. The U.S. media has a China fever, which results in typically feverish reports that don’t take the pulse of the country or its leaders. In the process, so much is missed, including the vast scope of China’s plans for the future.

Big Soda’s New Campaign to Buy Silence and Inaction

February 28, 2015
Fearing the federal government’s new recommendations against added sugars will embolden cities to adopt soda taxes, Big Soda is using tobacco industry tactics to stop cities like Seattle from regulating their products. Seattle was one of six cities awarded a grant from the American Beverage Association (ABA) and the U.S. Conference of Mayors to fight childhood obesity, which is like getting a grant from the tobacco industry to fight cancer.

State Lawmakers Launch Concerted Assault on Women's Rights

February 28, 2015
Common Dreams
As part of a clear national strategy, an array of anti-choice legislation is being rolled out in state houses around the country, putting women's health at risk. Already, 57 percent of American women of reproductive age live in states that are considered 'hostile' or 'extremely hostile' to abortion rights. That percentage could go up if recent proposals are enacted into law, and U.S.

On-Demand Taskers: Expanding the Ranks of the "Precariat"

February 28, 2015
Working-Class Perspectives
Revolutionary changes are taking place in the global labor process. Observers predict that within the next decade, one in every three labor transactions will be done online, carried out by “taskers” with no job security, low and fluctuating incomes, perpetual uncertainty, and no control over time. British social scientist Guy Standing describes the role of these taskers, who are expanding the ranks of the “precariat” in the so-called “sharing” economy.