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Autonomous Weapons: an Open Letter from AI & Robotics Researchers

Future of Life Institute
This open letter was announced July 28 at the opening of the IJCAI 2015 conference on July 28. Journalists who wish to see the press release may contact Toby Walsh. Hosting, signature verification and list management are supported by FLI; for administrative questions about this letter, please contact

Advocates and attorneys cheer judge’s decision against family detention

Nuri Vallbona
Global Sisters Report
Judge Gee also decried the “deplorable” conditions of the temporary holding centers along the border dubbed “hieleras” or ice boxes. Testimony from recent detainees said that the overcrowded rooms sometimes held as many as 100 people “which forced children to sleep standing up or not at all.”

Gaza: 'Israeli war crimes' followed soldier's capture - Amnesty

BBC News
BBC News
"This report presents an urgent call for justice that must not be ignored. The combined analysis of hundreds of photos and videos, as well as satellite imagery and testimony from eyewitnesses, provides compelling evidence of serious violations of international humanitarian law by Israeli forces which must be investigated."

Guardian US Votes Unanimously To Unionize

Michael Calderone
Huffington Post
The Guardian US staff voted unanimously Wednesday to unionize under the News Media Guild which is part of the Communication Workers of America. This continues a spate of labor organizing in newsrooms.

Curiosity by Alberto Manguel

Caspar Henderson
The Guardian
"Humans are the most curious among animals," writes Caspar Henderson in this review of Alberto Manguel's meditation on inquisitiveness.

The Unreality of the Iran-Nuke Fight

Paul Pillar
Common Dreams; Consortium News
An interesting article on the Iran Agreement written by a former CIA Analyst. "Everything that has been gained under this agreement in the way of restrictions on, and monitoring of, the Iranian nuclear program is a net, as well as a gross, gain over the situation that prevailed before the negotiations began and over the situation that would prevail if the agreement is killed."

Unions Win Court Ruling that Chicago Pension Cuts are Unconstitutional

AFSCME Council 31
"This ruling that overturns city pension cuts and protects the life savings of city workers is a win for all Chicago," AFSCME Council 31 executive director Roberta Lynch said. "All city residents can be reassured that the Constitution--our state's highest law--means what it says and will be respected, while city employees and retirees can be assured that their modest retirement income is protected."

Univ. of California Academic Workers’ Union Calls on AFL-CIO To Terminate Police Union’s Membership

Mario Vasquez
Working In These Times
The letter written by the UAW’s Black Interests Coordinating Committee (BICC) charges that police associations operate in ways that are antithetical to the mission statement of the AFL-CIO, particularly its stated goal "to fulfill the yearning of the human spirit for liberty, justice and community; to advance individual and associational freedom; [and] to vanquish oppression, privation and cruelty in all their forms."

Landlords Behaving Badly: San Francisco Too Valuable for Poor People*

Carl Finamore
“The data clearly shows that the evictions crisis and resulting loss of rental units” is a big blow to the city meeting its affordable housing goals, said Board of Supervisor Jane Kim. Speaking on the steps of city hall, Kim announced her new pro-tenant “Eviction Protection Act/Just Cause 2.0” ordinance, a reference to the latest boom that set off soaring housing competition. The ordinance idea came from the community she said.

'JIMMY'S HALL' - Ken Loach’s New Film About Irish Working Class Heroes

Ed Rampell
Hollywood Progressive
Based on a true story, 'Jimmy’s Hall' is about Jimmy Gralton the only Irishman deported as an illegal alien from Ireland, the land of his birth – without so much as a trial! Of course Gralton’s true crime was to fight against the reactionary church, aristocratic landowners and narrow nationalism by setting up a hall where ordinary people could dance to jazz music, study art and pursue a more class conscious politics during the Depression.

How the American South Drives the Low-Wage Economy

Harold Meyerson
The American Prospect
There is nothing new about Northern factories moving to the south for lower labor costs, but starting in the 1960s, higher value manufacturing made the shift and had a more profound impact on the economy, reducing the economic divide. Meanwhile, the political divide between North and South has deepened, and the South has attempted to impose on the rest of the nation its opposition to worker and minority rightst-hrough the vehicle of a Southernized Republican Party.

Israel Moves Forward with 1,065 Settlement Housing Units

IMEMC News and Agencies
International Middle East Media Center
Israel’s Civil Administration is advancing plans for the development of 1,065 housing units in eight different settlements throughout occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, a settlement watchdog announced on Thursday.