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Unity Efforts Hit Snag at Final Meeting Over Democratic Platform

Isaac Stanley-Becker
Washington Post
The meeting was underway Friday in St. Louis for scarcely more than an hour when the committee’s chairman, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), called a multiple-hour recess to resolve disagreements that were beginning to stir acrimony among committee members

Penny Dreadful Is Proving that Misandry in Feminism Can Be Fun

Lauren Sarner
Inverse Entertainment
A brief primer, for those unfamiliar with Penny Dreadful: the show takes place in a fictional Victorian London where gothic creatures of the night exist, seances abound, and famous literary characters (Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray) mingle with original characters.

State Terrorism and Education, the New Speculative Sector in the Stock Market

Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F.
El Enemigo Común
(Orginally published in Spanish on SubVersiones, see links at the end.) If the national teachers movement in Mexico manages to bring down the educational reform, there will be a path to bringing down all the structural reforms that are occurring in the country’s strategic sectors, such as the energy sector. This is the assessment that teachers are making. This is precisely the fear of the federal government.

Is Brexit Win a Warning Signal for Trump-Era America?

Lauren McCauley
Common Dreams
Indeed, the parallels with the United States are clear. In the lead up to the November elections, rampant inequality continues to grip the nation while campaign finance laws push lawmakers to unabashedly peddle policies that solely benefit the corporate elite.

The Master/Servant Relationship: A Medieval Horror Romance

Peter Hall-Jones
New Unionism
Why do we defer from 9 to 5? The “master-servant relationship” is a feudal phantom that still haunts today’s workplaces, thanks to English common law. Peter Hall-Jones argues that it’s time to exorcise the old ghoul. The workplace democracy movement aims to do just that, but where do unions fit in? The way they respond to this agenda might well determine their relevance in the workplace of the future.

Diablo Shutdown Marks End of Atomic Era

Harvey Wasserman
But above all, no independent observer believes PG&E has signed this agreement out of love for the planet, its workers, the public well-being or the spirit of the law. It could mark a significant leap toward shutting Diablo Canyon, but it does not seal its fate. Indeed, unless accompanied with fierce activism, some fear it could offer PG&E political cover to prolong its operations.

Dear State Department: Bombing Syrian Troops Would Be Illegal

Marjorie Cohn
This week U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with dissident State Department “diplomats” to hear their call for “targeted” U.S. military strikes on Syrian government troops, a dangerous plan that would violate both U.S. and international law. In an internal “dissent channel” memo leaked to the New York Times on June 16th, the 51 state department officials called for a major military escalation in Syria which, to date, has been rejected by President Barack Obama.

Friday Nite Videos -- June 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders Is Not Dropping Out Tonight. Rep. Debbie Dingell's Sitdown Speech. What Would It Take for Donald Trump to Lose Your Vote? Boogie Blues on a Liverpool Street. John Oliver | Brexit.

Brexit and the New Global Rebellion

Richard Eskow
Campaign for America's Future
Great Britain’s citizens haven’t been losing control over their fate to the EU. They’ve been losing it because their own country’s leaders – as well as those of most other Western democracies – are increasingly in thrall to corporate and financial interests.