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Teachers sue to join union without paying for political activities

Howard Blume
Los Angeles Times
Teachers sue to join union without paying for political activities. Unions claim new suit is attempt to weaken them in the name of protecting teacher rights. The firm behind a case that could limit teacher job protections is now taking on issues with union dues. Another in the endless string of anti-union, anti-teacher lawsuits that pretend to protect worker rights.

Obama Could Face Another Disastrous Summit Due to Sanctions Against Venezuela

Mark Weisbrot
What the sanctions made clear is that President Obama’s opening to Cuba represented exactly zero change in Washington’s overall strategy toward the region: The intention of expanding commercial and diplomatic relations with Cuba was mainly to pursue a more effective strategy of undermining the Cuban government--and all of the left governments in the region.

How To Destroy A Black Life: A Step-By-Step Guide

Aurin Squire
Talking Points Memo
Getting captured on film was the only "mistake" police officer Michael Thomas Slager made when he killed Walter Scott. Otherwise, he did everything by the book, and likely would never have been charged.

Burkina Faso: Liberation not looting

Firoze Manj
Red Pepper
The mass movement that forced the resignation of Burkina Faso's government last October has been neither diverted nor defeated as shown by recent protests that led to the resignation of the current government. They are inspired by the desire for development of the country’s productive forces, which implies liberation, emancipation, hope and human progress, given voice by Thomas Sankara before his assassination in October 1987.

Friday Nite Videos -- April 10, 2015

Keb Mo: Honky Tonk Women. John Oliver: Government Surveillance. Manu Chao -- "El Viento". 7 Reasons to Raise the Minimum Wage to $15. More Horrific Police Violence Filmed.

What Makes Police Killings of Black Men Invisible

Gary Younge, Andrew Jerell Jones
The fact that Walter Scott was killed on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination makes stark the distinction between the reality of the post-civil rights era and pretensions to a post-racial era. The slogan of the day, born from a Twitter hashtag, is Blacklivesmatter. That says a lot. the issue of the sanctity of black life has still not been settled.

Former Mossad Chief: Obama's Right on Iran

Efraim Halevy
Y-Net News
Netanyahu should accept the American offer of dialogue on the draft agreement reached in Lausanne, instead of signalling his intent to scupper it out of hand.

In Boeing Plant's Union Election, Machinists Face Heavy Opposition From South Carolina Elected Officials

Cole Stangler
International Business Times
As union elections near, elected officials can generally say things that employers cannot communicate without risking labor law violations. Neither companies nor unions, for instance, can create an “atmosphere of confusion or fear of reprisals” under election procedures. So long as politicians are not conspiring with either party to do that--a difficult fact to prove in itself--no such standard applies to elected leaders like Mayor Summey.

What She Could Carry

Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes
Matter: A (somewhat) monthly journal
This poem references the violence of enforced disappearance and forced displacement that is rampant in Colombia. Colombia has over 50,000 reported disappearances, and about 5 million internally displaced.

Emanuel Won the Mayor's Race, But Progressives Won the Election

Amisha Patel; John Nichols; Thomas A. Corfman
The grass-roots progressive movement that defeated Rahm Emanuel on Feb. 24 and made him struggle to keep his seat on April 7 is not going away. Just next week, thousands of us will take the streets to demand a $15-per-hour minimum wage. This summer and fall, we will be fighting for a state and city budget that adequately funds the public services we need to build strong, healthy communities. Here, Portside shares three early election analysis articles.

The Real Thing: An Anti-austerity European Government

James K. Galbraith
Social Europe
What is at stake in Greece goes very far beyond merely financial questions. It goes beyond the question of the fate of a small and historically very badly governed country with weak institutions that has suffered abominably in the wake of the crisis over the last five years...It goes even beyond that very grave situation...It goes beyond that to the future of Europe and beyond that, to the meaning of the word democracy in our time.