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The Best Homage We Can Pay Fidel: Look Outward Together in the Same Direction

Marta Harnecker
As a contribution to this magazine I have selected the conclusion to my book Fidel Castro's Political Strategy because I consider it be absolutely relevant to the current reality we face. The first part refers to the issue of the immediate enemy and the broadness of the political front.

Trump Hints at Clinton's Assassination Again

Richard Luscombe
The Guardian
The call to leave the Democratic nominee protected by unarmed secret service agents, first made by Trump in May, raised eyebrows as a reversion to the undisciplined candidate of the primaries rather than the more scripted one of recent weeks.

A 9/11 Retrospective: The U.S. Air Wars, 15 Years and Counting

Tom Englehardt
The U.S response to 9/11, which began with the Bush Administration’s shock-and-awe air strikes and invasions and continued through the Obama Administration, cost ten of thousands of civilian lives and trillions of dollars, and bombed and missiled a world of Islamist terror outfits into existence. At 15 years and counting the U.S. air campaign has spread across the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa and shows no sign of ending, despite its spectacular failure.

Friday Nite Videos -- September 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders Makes the Case for Hillary Clinton. Snowden. What Is Universal Basic Income? How We See Color. Not What You Think. What Racism Has to Do With the High Cost of College.

Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is Working

Josh Levin
If Kaepernick had donated $1 million without the anthem protest, or if he’d stuck to venting on social media, then prominent columnists and TV yakkers wouldn’t be calling him an idiot. Nobody would be saying anything at all, because nobody would care. Kaepernick’s gesture worked because it was divisive.

At Standing Rock, Native Leadership Matters

Sarah van Gelder
Yes! Magazine
Dallas Goldtooth, a veteran organizer of the Keystone XL fight, is amazed at the historic support from tribes at Standing Rock—even tribes that rely on resource extraction.

The Wire Said

Jed Myers
McLellan Poetry Competition 2016
Seattle poet Jed Myers writes about "a man/who’d left his house in rubble, crossed a plain and then a sea, gone north without a plan,/now faced a razor wire fence..." It's a story of upheaval, a refugee, a stalemate, all too familiar this sad saga.