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What Does a Beer Historian Do?

Susan Evans McClure
Smithsonian Magazine
As part of the American Brewing History Initiative, a new project at the museum supported by the Brewers Association will explore how beer and brewing history connect to larger themes in American history, from agriculture to business, from culture to economics.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reacts to U.S. Army Corps Eviction Notice: Your Letter Makes a Grave. Dangerous Mistake

Levi Rickert
Native News Online.Net
EAGLE BUTTE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier was quick to respond to the U.S Army Corps of Engineers’ letter, dated November 25, 2016, that will evict the water protectors who are camping at Oceti Sakowin camp. The 10-day eviction notice came one day after Thanksgiving where thousands have come to show solidarity with the water protectors who oppose the Dakota Access pipeline. Read Frazier’s letter below:

Black America and the Passing of Fidel Castro

Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Bill Fletcher, Jr. Blog
For many of us in Black America, Castro represented the audacity that we have desired and sought in the face of imperial and racial arrogance.

Why Did Trump Win? And What’s Next for Labor in the US?

Peter Olney and Rand Wilson
The Stansbury Forum
This article first appeared in Sinistra Sindicale, an internal newsletter of the Confederazione Generale Italiana dei Lavoratori (CGIL), the largest trade union federation in Italy. This article deals with the US election result.

Election Inflections: Expanding the Electorate

Bobbi Murray
Capital and Main
The phone bank on Florence Avenue near Western is fully staffed on a Thursday afternoon. Its 20 callers could be hawking solar paneling or copper water pipes to anyone who answers. Instead, the men and women here are selling change in the most populous city in the most populous state in the nation. On this day, shortly before the election, they are contacting potential voters about three of California’s 17 ballot propositions.

Black-White Earnings Gap Returns to 1950 Levels

Patrick Bayer and Kerwin Kofi Charles
Science Blog
More and more working-age men in the United States aren’t working at all. The number of nonworking white men grew from about 8 percent in 1960 to 17 percent in 2014. The numbers look still worse among black men: In 1960, 19 percent of black men were not working; in 2014, that number had grown to 35 percent of black men. That includes men who are incarcerated as well those who can’t find jobs.

Billionaires vs. the Press in the Era of Trump

Emily Bazelon
New York Times
A small group of superrich Americans — the president-elect among them — has laid the groundwork for an unprecedented legal assault on the media. Can they succeed?

The Union Revolt No One is Talking About

Bob Hennelly
US Labor Against the War
This election proved that you overlook the labor movement at your peril. Democrats took rank-and-file union members for granted. They must make labor central to the conversation again .

In Brazil, New Corruption Scandals For Faction that Impeached Dilma

Glenn Greenwald
The Intercept
Opponents of President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment have long charged one of the goals of Brazil’s silent coup was not to punish corruption but to protect venal politicians from ongoing fraud investigations. New president Michel Temer has already lost six ministers to scandal, and now is engulfed in one of his own. But, while the plotters are scrambling for cover, they have already accomplished the coup’s other goal, the institution of the oligarchy’s austerity agenda.