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HangOut on Strategy for Liberation

Please join us for our next national HangOut, which is being jointly hosted by LeftRoots with the former Left Strategies network. Featuring special guests M Adams and Biju Mathew on left strategies for liberation! Together we will discuss what we mean by ‘transformational strategy’, why it is crucial and how we can move forward together to build a movement that wins!

TEDxHavana Speech 2015 by Tom Hayden

Tom Hayden
Democracy Journal
Speech broadcast Saturday, Nov. 14, to the TEDxHavana conference on the Cuba-United States normalization process. More than two thousand attended.

Paradise Burned: How Climate Change Is Scorching California

Gary Cohn
Capital and Main
California is facing the gravest threat to its natural beauty on record but many of us view the state’s expanded fire season as a cyclical anomaly – a belief sometimes spread by the mainstream media. To climate and environmental scientists, a new kind of fire and the expanded fire season are evidence that global warming is creating a new and vastly expanded fire danger to the West.

Equity, Growth and Community

Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor
Equity, Growth and Community, a new book by Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor

Almost a Century Ago, another Democratic Socialist Ran for President of the United States—from His Prison Cell

Lawrence S. Wittner
LA Progressive
In response to the Congressional declaration of war in April 1917, delegates at a Socialist party convention declared their “unalterable opposition” to it. The federal government began prosecuting Socialist Party leaders. Socialist Congressman Victor Berger, convicted under the Espionage Act, was expelled from the House of Representatives, re-elected by the voters, and then expelled again. Debs responded with a blistering speech at a party rally in Canton, Ohio.

Shouldn't Social Security Recipients Get A CEO-Sized Raise?

Dave Johnson
Common Dreams
Seniors, disabled veterans and others will receive no COLA adjustment next year. This is because the method of measuring living costs – the Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers – is not weighted toward seniors. For example, it counts the decrease in gasoline costs for commuters and not the big cost increases in the pharmaceuticals seniors need.

Carhaulers Vote Down Awful Deal

Alexandra Bradbury
Labor Notes
"The IBT Carhaul Division has instructed all carhaul locals to hold meetings to ask members why they rejected the concessionary first offer. These guys are so out of touch, they need to be told the obvious: Teamsters are tired of concessions and want to protect their jobs and make reasonable gains in this boom year of auto sales." Teamsters for a Democratic Union

Snowden Leak Reveals Obama Government Ordered NSA, CIA to Spy on Venezuela Oil Firm

Increasing surveillance on the leadership of PDVSA, the most important company in a South American nation seen as hostile to U.S. corporate interests, was a priority for the undisclosed NSA division to which the analyst reported. “Plainly speaking,” the analyst writes, they “wanted PDVSA information at the highest possible levels of the corporation – namely, the president and members of the Board of Directors.”