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Brute Ideology

December 10, 2014
Amidst the end-of-historiography enthusiasm for the “new” history of capitalism, two recent books remind us of the enduring importance of some of the questions posed by the old history of capitalism: questions of determination, ideology, and hegemony, and of collective action, resistance, and (even) revolutionary social change.

Congressional Leaders Hammer Out Deal to Allow Pension Plans to Cut Retiree Benefits

December 10, 2014
The Washington Post
The abrupt action has alarmed some pension rights advocates, who are concerned about a decline in retirement security for all Americans. They also worry about a creeping trend toward trimming pensions, citing retirement benefit cuts for government employees in Detroit and elsewhere.

The New Republic’s Ugly Reality

December 10, 2014
Consortium News
Mainstream pundits are outraged over a Silicon Valley barbarian riding in and defacing The New Republic, a temple to all that is wonderful about deep-thinking policymaking and long-form journalism. But the truth about the Washington-based magazine is much less honorable, writes Robert Parry.

Launch of LAWCHA’s Teacher/Public Sector Initiative

December 10, 2014
Labor and Working Class History Association
LAWCHA sponsored a Teachers/Public sector history committee that has produced an overview of teacher organizing and a bibliography of resources to understand that effort in historical context. We have provided powerpoints graphs and annotations of material organized by geography and specific unions.

Sen. McCain's Full Statement On CIA Torture Report

December 10, 2014
USA Today
Sen. John McCain spoke Tuesday on the Senate floor following the release of the CIA torture report. The Arizona Republican was a Navy pilot whose plane was shot down in enemy territory during the Vietnam War; he was tortured by the North Vietnamese as a prisoner of war.

Labor's New Reality -- it's Easier to Raise Wages for 100,000 than to Unionize 4,000

December 9, 2014
Los Angeles Times
Unions historically have supported minimum wage and occupational safety laws that benefited all workers, not just their members. But they also have recently begun investing major resources in organizing drives more likely to yield new laws than new members. Some of these campaigns seek to organize workers who, rightly or wrongly, aren't even designated as employees or lack a common employer, such as domestic workers and cab drivers.

An Open Letter to Malala in Oslo: Forward Together Against Fundamentalism

December 9, 2014
Huffington Post
In the West, Malala, you are known primarily as an education and child rights campaigner. But, you also understand that we cannot achieve these rights without pushing back against the fundamentalists of the world. Liberian Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee rightly noted that you represent those "many girls and even some boys who refuse to allow evil to grow in the shadows" and who are "rising and saying no to war, extremism and fundamentalism."

Why the Founding Fathers Thought Banning Torture Foundational to the US Constitution

December 9, 2014
Informed Comment
We will likely hear these false appeals to an imaginary history a great deal with the release of the Senate report on CIA torture. It seems to me self-evident that most of the members of the Constitutional Convention would have voted to release the report and also would have been completely appalled at its contents.

The Disruption This Time

December 9, 2014
The Baffler
What has made these protests stand out is not their size, though some have been quite large. And this is not the first time protesters have used their bodies to block bridges, tunnels, intersections, and roadways around town. But I can’t come up with another time when protesters have engaged in as much spontaneous and simultaneous disruptive action as they have in the two weeks since Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for shooting Michael Brown.

Owning is the New Sharing

December 8, 2014
The Silicon Valley-based network Shareable dispatched Nathan Schneider to write a report on the growing movement to experiment with new forms of economic democracy online. Schneider states that "A popular mantra among sharing-economy boosters has been "sharing is the new owning." What I found is the opposite." Given concerns about the sharing economy, Schneider examined cooperatives, networks of freelancers, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Power To The People: What Protesters Need To Know About Their Rights

December 8, 2014
Power To The People: What Protesters Need To Know About Their Rights And What Cops Can Do. Advice and reminders from experts for citizens protesting abusive policing.

Wall Street's Democrats

December 8, 2014
Robert Reich
Carried interest allows hedge-fund and private-equity managers, as well as many venture capitalists and partners in real estate investment trusts, to treat their take of the profits as capital gains — taxed at maximum rate of 23.8 percent instead of the 39.6 percent maximum applied to ordinary income. So why didn’t Democrats close it when they ran Congress?

Mamdani's "Holistic Challenge": Anti-Zionists Must Persuade Jews They Can Only be Safe by Dismantling the Jewish State

December 8, 2014
The Zionist message to the Jewish population of Israel is this, Zionism is your only guarantee against another holocaust. The opposite is the case. Jews can have a homeland in the Middle East, but their safety can only be achieved by dismantling the Jewish state, Mamdani said. His speech was a political challenge to Jewish anti-Zionists, now just a splinter, to launch a political struggle inside the Jewish community to liberate it from Zionism.