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Some Initial Thoughts on the US-China Climate Accord

November 15, 2014
This Changes Everything
Upon initial analysis, noted journalist Naomi Klein sees the US-China climate deal as a badly need piece of good news. For the first time, China is committing to capping its emissions, robbing U.S. obstructionists of their most effective argument for inaction. This is an important pledge by the Presidents of the U.S. and China and pledges matter because movement can "harness them to win even more."

Friday Nite Videos -- November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014
Ry Cooder: Feelin' Bad Blues. Citizen Four: Edward Snowden Documentary. The Inspiration Project. John Oliver: The Lottery. 90-Year-Old Arrested for Feeding Homeless.

Ferguson: Justice Is About What Comes After

November 14, 2014
The Guardian (London) and the St. Louis Post Dispatch
America is on edge about the Ferguson grand jury decision. But justice is about what comes after that. There will come a day soon when the protests, in whatever shape they take, fall off the front page. No matter what happens, justice will still be possible.

Mark Twain’s Democratic Ideal

November 14, 2014
Twain aims a blast of laughter at a society making itself sick with its consumption of “sweet-smelling, sugar-coated lies,” believing that it is allegiance to the truth and not the flag that rescues the citizens of a democracy from the prisons of their selfishness and greed.

Got Unfair Labor Practices? Put 'em to Use

November 14, 2014
Labor Notes
One weapon in a Union's arsenal is using Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) complaints against an employer. In this article, Attorney Robert Schwartz explains the basic uses of ULP's.

Midterm Lesson - Elizabeth Warren Should Run

November 13, 2014
After the pity party's through, let's get organized. There was one exception to the dearth of Democratic leaders who championed populist proposals. Sen. Elizabeth Warren crisscrossed the country attempting to galvanize the electorate in key Senate races.

South Africa - COSATU, NUMSA - What's Going On?

November 13, 2014
This past weekend, COSATU, South Africa's labor federation voted to expel NUMSA, the National Union of Metal Workers. To give readers a better understanding, Portside is posting many of the relevant documents (sorry for length of this post): Tyotyo James (COSATU deputy president) interview prior to expulsion; COSATU official statement; NUMSA response to the expulsion; ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe on Developments in COSATU.

Election Failure by Democrats - Reader Responses to Bill Fletcher

November 13, 2014
Bill Fletcher's post on the recent midterm elections and what progressives need to do, in order to win, sparked a number of reader responses. Fletcher drew on lessons from the elections, and past elections, putting forward a call for progressives to effect politics that can improve the lives of the majority in our country. Below is a long post from Jonathan Nack, a response from Ed Hunt, further comment from David Schwartzman, and a note from Portside Moderator.

End the Killing of Students Now: Peace, Justice, and Democracy for Mexico - please sign the statement

November 13, 2014
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
We send our solidarity to the parents of the dead and missing students, to the millions of student protesters, and to the Mexican people! We condemn the murders and human rights violations by the Mexican government and the drug cartels. And we condemn the U.S. and Canadian governments for their support of the Mexican state. Please join in signing the statement below. Your support can make a difference.

Tidbits - November 13, 2014

November 13, 2014
Reader Comments- Voter Suppression; Election Failure by Democrats; Progressive Victories You Didn't Hear About; Federal Judge Guts Nationwide Ban On Housing Discrimination; America Rigged for Massive Wealth Transfer to the Rich; Global Economic Divide; Cuban Five and Alan Gross; Fracking Banned in Denton, TX; Ferguson; Inner City Schools Function Like Prisons; A Good Movie Tip; Women's Labor Music Announcements- Labor Notes Hiring; Events in Oakland and New Yo

What Will the New Afghan Government Bring the Workers

November 13, 2014
Equal Times
Unions in Afghanistan want the new government to pass legislation on workplace safety and a living wage, and to focus economic development on agriculture in order to relieve massive unemployment. Both "hopeful and pessimistic,"about the future, the National Union of Afghanistan's Workers and Employees, while pushing for the right to collective bargaining and freedom of association, considers these distant aspirations.

College Athletes of the World, Unite

November 12, 2014
Life for student-athletes is no longer the quaint Americana fantasy of the homecoming bonfire and a celebration at the malt shop. It’s big business in which everyone is making money — everyone except the eighteen to twenty-one-year-old kids who every game risk permanent career-ending injuries.

John Fogerty Defends 'Fortunate Son' Song Choice at Concert for Valor

November 12, 2014
Los Angeles Times
"At its core I believe the issue is really about what a great country we have that a song like this can be performed in a setting like Concert for Valor."