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In Austria’s Rust Belt, Workers Swing Toward Right-Wing Populism

Angela Mayr
Il Manifesto
Many workers in Austria's rust belt, once a center of Socialist and Communist strength, are supporting a far right candidate for president. Many express disappointment with the E.U., immigrants, the government’s stalemate locked in an eternal grand coalition, the desire to change the system.

How Rock and Roll Became White

Colin Vanderburg
Los Angeles Review of Books
Rock and roll music has always been a site of struggle over issues of race and racism. In this insightful review, Colin Vanderburg surveys what Jack Hamilton has o say regarding how rock music succumbed to the lure of American racism.

Thousands of Fight for 15 Protesters Rise Up in 340 Cities Across the U.S.

Steven Greenhouse
The Guardian
The Fight for 15 has grown into one of the nation’s largest progressive movements, alongside movements by undocumented immigrants, Black Lives Matter and environmental activists fighting global warming. Beginning with fast-food workers four years ago, the Fight for 15 now includes other groups, including childcare workers, home-care aides, airport workers and adjunct professors.

Maui Models Eco-Future by Electing Native Hawaiian Water Protector in Stunning Upset

Jonathan Greenberg
Huffington Post
“I stand to protect our drinking water." Unlike the State of North Dakota, which is responding to Native American water protector demands by assisting a private army with armored vehicles, militarized troops, rubber bullets, vicious dogs, tear gas, and water cannons in sub-zero weather, the County of Maui is allowing democracy, and its native leaders, to transform the island’s plantation-era legacy of water theft and agrochemical devastation.

Fidel Castro - The Voice of the Third World

Vijay Prashad
The Hindu
“The inhuman exploitation on the peoples of three continents,” he said in reference to Africa, Asia and Latin America, “marked forever the destiny and lives of over 4.5 billion people living in the Third World today.” It was this history, he said, that left “the current victims of that atrocity” in poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and sickness. Castro’s words mirrored reality. He would not end there. It was hope, not despondency, that captured his personality.

The Chevron Way: Big Oil’s Vacation From East Bay Politics Won’t Last Long

Steve Early
Beyond Chron
Unfortunately, Chevron has taken no vacation from its longstanding, deep-pocketed work of rewarding its friends and punishing its enemies, often with greater success than in Richmond. A coalition of environmental, consumer protection, labor, and political groups released a damning report last week entitled The Chevron Way: Polluting California and Degrading Democracy. (available on line at:

The Incarceration of Japanese Americans in World War II Does Not Provide a Legal Cover for a Muslim Registry

Carl Takei
Los Angeles Times
Federal District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel wrote, presciently, in her 1984 opinion overturning Korematsu’s conviction: “In times of international hostility and antagonism, our institutions, legislative, executive and judicial, must be prepared to exercise their authority to protect all citizens from the petty fears and prejudices that are so easily aroused.”

More Than Ever - We Need You, We Need Each Other

The Moderators of Portside
Every year, Portside asks our readers for their help and support. This, however, is not like other years. What months ago was a scary thought is now our, and the world's reality - a Trump presidency. We need to work together, to build, to organize, and to understand what works, and what doesn't. Portside provides reportage, inspiration, investigation and analysis that are needed more than ever. We promise to do our part. Will you help?

Unity, the Best Tribute

Granma Staff
It was with deep sorrow and regret that the Cuban people learned of the passing of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz. Granma shares some reactions to the news.

What Does a Beer Historian Do?

Susan Evans McClure
Smithsonian Magazine
As part of the American Brewing History Initiative, a new project at the museum supported by the Brewers Association will explore how beer and brewing history connect to larger themes in American history, from agriculture to business, from culture to economics.