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Foreign Direct Investment in Israel Dropped by 50% in 2014

Annie Robbins
Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Israel dropped by almost 50% last year in comparison to the year before as the country continues to feel the effects of last summer's Gaza conflict, a new UN report has revealed.

Health Care Stocks Soar After Obamacare Victory In Supreme Court

Alexander C. Kaufman
The Huffington Post
Healthcare Company stocks surged after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Health Care Act's subsidies to low income people to buy health insurance. The National Nurses United Union points out that subsidies for giant corporations don't improve healthcare.

All Night You Ask the Children of the World to Forgive You

Julia B. Levine
Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight
The award-winning poet Julia B. Levine opens her eyes to global tragedies we leave for our children to inherit and our attempts still to shelter their innocence from what will haunt them.

Friday Nite Videos -- Fourth of July, 2015

Which America should we recall on the Fourth of July? The "all men are created equal" of the Declaration of Independence or the gross inequalities by race, class and gender, the crying disparities of wealth, voice and security in real life? Both.

Our Universities: The Outrageous Reality

Andrew Delbanco
New York Review of Books - July 9, 2015 Issue
In higher education, whether as affordable land-grant state colleges, tuition-free municipal universities, grants to children of the poor or need-blind admissions, access to learning was at least prized as a right, not a privilege. As tuition and administration costs soar, the number of low-paid adjuncts explodes and financial aid collapses, college funding shifts from the public purse to student debt. Wither democracy or plutocracy?

What This Cruel War Was Over

Ta-Nehisi Coates
The Atlantic
The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of those who bore it. In praising the Klan's terrorism, Confederate veterans and their descendants displayed a remarkable consistency. White domination was the point. Slavery failed. Domination prevailed nonetheless. The Confederate flag should come down because it is embarrassing to all Americans.

A Greek Tragedy: Act III; Eurozone Talks Break Down

Duane Campbell; AP; Theo Ioannou, Reuters
An austerity crisis continues to be imposed by European bankers on Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, among others. A catastrophe on the scale of the Great Depression has been forced upon Greece for over five years under the deceptive description of a bailout. Now the banks are demanding even more, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying that Germany will not be blackmailed by Greece, demanding a deal before financial markets reopen next Monday.

Tidbits - June 25, 2015 - The Racial Divide; Take Down the Flag; Charleston Massacre; Greek Debt; Israeli Nukes; BDS; and more...

Reader Comments: The Racial Divide; Take Down the Flag; Call It What It Is, Or Be Complicit; The Charleston Massacre - A Hate Crime; Racial Violence in America; Greek Debt Truth Committee - Debt Cannot and Should Not Be Paid; American Century has Plunged the World into Crisis; Rachel Dolezal; Israeli Nukes; BDS is costing Israel big money; Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson; Announcement - Celebration of Danny Schechter's Life

Why Chicago Won't Go Bankrupt - And Detroit Didn't Have To

Saqib Bhatti
In These Times
Detroit's bankruptcy wasn't inevitable. Neither is Chicago's. But the austerity hawks don't want you to know that...When cities and states borrow money by issuing bonds, the lenders are typically high-wealth individuals, who purchase the bonds to get a tax break.

About George Soros and the Ukraine

Portside Moderators
Immediately following the posting June 20th of the article George Soros: Puppet Master Behind the Ukrainian Regime a number of moderators raised serious concerns about both its content and source. And it was unanimously decided that we would remove it from our website, which we did. Further inquiries and comments from our readers confirmed that decision. It should never have been posted.

“In Cuba, We’re Not a Bit Afraid,”

Maïté Pinero
l'Humanite in English
Worker participation does not consist in attendance at purely formal meetings but rather in taking part in real discussions about wages, training, conditions at work. We use no shock therapy. Changes cannot be decreed, they are first debated by all the workers, by the whole population. We are proud of Cuban workers' capacity for resistance, for creativity. We are aware of the issues at stake and we are confident. We, Cubans, are not a bit afraid!

San Francisco Teachers Elect Reformers to Lead Union

Cynthia Lasden and Tom Edminster
Labor Notes
In an upset victory, San Francisco educators have elected a new union president who promises to empower members, take on standardized testing, and back struggles for affordable housing.

Historians Crowdsource Key Reads About Racial Violence in America

Marta Bausells
The Guardian
As part of the deep and broad reaction to the killings in Charleston, historian Chad Williams and his colleagues have put together a deeply informative and useful bibliography of essential readings on African American life and history, and on the struggle against racism. We have provided a link to the project, below, followed by a short article on it, published in The Guardian, by Marta Bausells. More links and information are available at the Guardian site.

Byan Stevenson On Charleston and Our Real Problem with Race

Corey Johnson
The Marshall Project
Bryan Stevenson has spent most of his career challenging bias against minorities and the poor in the criminal justice system. He is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, based in Montgomery, Ala., an advocacy group that opposes mass incarceration and racial injustice. Stevenson is a member of The Marshall Project’s advisory board. He spoke with Corey Johnson. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.