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Immigration Reform, Activism, and Moral Certainty

October 20, 2014
Talking Union
Attacking allies does not move immigration reform forward. And, an argument from a position of moral correctness does not change policy. We need to be on the morally correct side but that is not enough to change policy because political and economic power largely controls this country. We have a political oligarchy- our government is dominated by corporations. We need to understand neoliberal capitalism, then, work to change it.

Union Federation Gets Vocal On Harsh Prison Sentencing: 'It's A Labor Issue'

October 20, 2014
Huffington Post
Mass incarceration is a labor issue because those same people who work for pennies in prison, once they have served their time, find themselves locked out of the job market by employers who screen applicants for felony convictions, declares AFL-CIO President Trumka.

Memory Loss

October 20, 2014
The People's Daily Morning Star
Stereotypes about German history and about the German Democratic Republic distort history. Simplifications of the past inhibit our ability to understand the nature of fascism and anti-fascism, to understand the complexities of socialism.

Ebola, Capitalism and the Idea of Society

October 20, 2014
The U.S.has sent soldiers to West Africa while Cuba has sent emergency health care workers. The difference is fundamental: Cuba sees both public purpose and moral imperative to help those stricken with Ebola and the U.S. sees a threat to profits at ‘home’ and a military exercise to ‘contain’ the spread of Ebola abroad.

US Treasury and Transportation Departments Hold a Privatization Party

October 19, 2014
Despite the warning signs all around us, the Departments of the Treasury and Transportation appear to be running headlong into a crash - and not just the kind of crash that takes place on a highway. The Obama administration appears to have bought into Public Private Partnerships spinning straw into gold.

Your Nose Knows Death is Imminent

October 19, 2014
The Guardian
Losing the sense of smell predicts likelihood of death within five years, according to new research.

The GOP Is Winning the War on Voting

October 19, 2014
The Nation
Voters in fifteen states—many with tight races—will face new restrictions at the polling booth for the first time in November.

The Political Economy of Ebola

October 19, 2014
Ebola is a problem that will not be solved, because it isn’t profitable to do so.

Black Vote Seen as Last Hope for Democrats to Hold Senate

October 19, 2014
New York Times
The confidential memo from a former pollster for President Obama contained a blunt warning for Democrats. Written this month with an eye toward Election Day, it predicted “crushing Democratic losses across the country” if the party did not do more to get black voters to the polls.

Fukushima: A Problem for Future Generations and the World

October 17, 2014
Three years after the Fukushima disaster, 25,000 people evacuated from the region closest to the nuclear reactor station have been told that it will take 120 years before they can return safely to their homes. Tens of thousands of other evacuees who lived outside the most contaminated area, and who the government says will be able to return soon, say they will never return because of the ongoing danger of nuclear contamination.

How Putin Became Central Figure in Texas Anti-Fracking Vote

October 17, 2014
The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), the regulatory commission responsible for the stewardship of that state's natural resources and the environment, has sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suggesting Russian President Vladimir Putin is bankrolling anti-fracking activists in the United States, and in particular those working in Denton, Texas, where voters will be deciding on the state's first proposed city-wide fracking ban November 4.

California School District Sued for "Rampant" Racial Bias

October 18, 2014
Center for Public Integrity
An expansive lawsuit against the Kern County school district in the heart of California's Central Valley alleges widespread disparities in the discipline meted out to Latino and African-American students. The lawsuit accuses California's second largest school district with "rampant racial and ethnic disparities" in suspensions and expulsions. The Kern High School District's student body is 62 percent Latino and six percent African-American.

Ebola Travel Ban: "Prejudice, Plain, and Simple"

October 17, 2014
San Francisco Chronicle
The political manipulation of the irrational fear of immigrants spreading disease is part of an historic pattern in United States. The recent calls for a blanket prohibition on travel from West Africa is prejudice, plain, and simple: prejudging an entire group of people, based on the sickness of a small handful. They echo the kind of bigotry directed at other immigrant groups arriving in this country since the 1800s.

Ukraine's Capital Burdened by Legacy of Violent Protests

October 17, 2014
Protests, including those that often turn violent, have become a common feature in the Ukrainian capital, and more are expected as the October 26th parliamentary elections approach. On Tuesday, violence broke out when protesters from the ultra-right wing Svoboda and Right Sector parties marched on parliament to demand recognition and rehabilitation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which was allied with Nazi Germany during World War II.