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The United States: Land of Terrorists and Massacres

Marsha Coleman-Adebayo
Black Agenda Report
The massacre in Orlando was not the largest mass killing in U.S. history, and the United States has been responsible for the massacre of millions around the planet. We should all be mindful of “the nexus between US foreign policy adventures that plunder and violate countries in search of natural resources and US domestic racist actions.” U.S. crimes against humanity stretch from My Lai to Ferguson.

The Network

Douglas Gillison, Nick Turse, Moiz Syed
The Intercept
Leaked Data Reveals How the U.S. Trains Vast Numbers of Foreign Soldiers and Police With Little Oversight

Atoning for Washington’s ‘Mass Kidnapping’ in the Indian Ocean

Davis Vine
Foreign Policy in Focus
Between 1968 and 1973, the two governments concealed the expulsion from the world. If anyone asked, Anglo-American officials decided to “maintain the fiction that the inhabitants of Chagos” were “transient contract workers,” as one bureaucrat explained. A British official called the Chagossians “Tarzans” and “Man Fridays,” in a tellingly racist reference to Robinson Crusoe.

Socialism Comes to Philadelphia

Sharon McConnell-Sidorick
Labor and Working Class History Association
When Bernie Sanders talks about a political revolution larger than himself, it is important to understand that it must also be larger than electoral movements. Although the working class has changed from the halcyon days of yesteryear, it is still the class at the heart of the contradictions of capital, and it is time to take back its true meaning.

Most Mechanical Turkers are Young, College-Educated and Making Less Than $5 an Hour

Moshe Z. Marvit
In These Times
Since 2005, a dispersed group of sub-minimum wage workers has been performing online tasks for pennies through an Amazon-controlled marketplace called Mechanical Turk. These workers tag photos, transcribe audio, take surveys, and do whatever current computer technology cannot. Their work-product is littered across the Internet, and through academic publications, but they have largely remained invisible.

ExxonMobil: Still Funding Climate Science Denial Groups

Graham Readfearn
Now the oil giant is facing lawsuits from a team of state attorneys general after investigations by Inside Climate News and the Los Angeles Times showed the company's own scientists were aware of the risks of burning fossil fuels in the 1980s.

Kurdish Movement Releases Statement on Turkey Coup Attempt

Kurdish Question
Kurdish Question
There was already military tutelage in Turkey before yesterday's coup attempt; which makes the attempt a coup by one military faction against the existing one. This is why a section of the military has taken sides with Erdoğan, because there is already military tutelage in Turkey.

When the Hell Did the NLRB Become More Activist Than Labor?

Shaun Richman
Working In These Times
The NLRB even potentially has the power to reverse “Right to Work.” One open question is whether the legislative intent of the Taft-Hartley act was merely to ban union membership as a condition of employment—not whether unions could negotiate mandatory fees for grievance representation services.

Three Years After the Egyptian Coup, Lessons Still Unlearned?

Abdullah Al-Arian
Middle East Eye
Three years ago the Egyptian military ousted the elected President Mohamed Morsi. Since then, as Amnesty International reported this week, “tens of thousands of people have been detained without trial or sentenced to prison terms or to death....” Perhaps even without the support of significant segments of the public, including leading activists and intellectuals, the remnants of the old Mubarak regime would still have overthrown Morsi. But that support made it easier.

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