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The Economist’s Slavery Problem

September 9, 2014
The Nation
This is a response by Greg Grandin to a review of his book, The Empire of Necessity: Slavery, Freedom, and Deception in the New World. The review was titled, “Slavery: Not Black or White.” It appeared in the Economist and was unsigned.

After Gaza War, One-Third of Israelis Consider Emigrating

September 9, 2014
Folk and World Music
The truth is that a huge number of young, well-educated, professional Israelis have already decamped, or are making plans to do so, to more hospitable climes in Europe or elsewhere. They do so for many reasons: some are economic, seeking greater financial, professional or educational opportunities. Some are security-related. And some find the climate in Israel to be stifling either culturally or politically.

Some Retail Workers Find Better Deals With Unions

September 8, 2014
New York Times
"The term “union” is a dirty word in some circles, even in this city, where labor still has considerable clout and has catapulted many workers into the middle class. But no one can deny that these union workers savor something that is all too rare in the retail industry right now: guaranteed minimum hours — for part-time and full-time employees — and predictable schedules."

The Wal-Mart-ization of Education: Wal-Mart Wants Classrooms to Run More Like a Business, Teachers Are Fighting Back

September 7, 2014
Huffington Post
In fact, teachers are so offended by the so-called education reform agenda promoted by Wal-Mart's owners, the Waltons, that one teacher recently launched a petition calling on his peers not to shop at Wal-Mart this back-to-school season. More than 5,000 teachers have already added their names to his pledge.

No, Democrats Can't Win Back the House -- At Least Not Just Yet

September 7, 2014
The American Prospect
Race plays an unmistakable part in the Democratic challenge in conservative states and districts. And it's deeper than just antipathy to Obama; in fact, it goes back half a century.

Global Summit Urged to Focus on Trillion-Dollar Corruption

September 7, 2014
Tax avoidance in the United States contributes to the national debt, but in developing countries it’s literally causing people to go hungry.

Our Place in the Universe: Welcome to Laniakea

September 7, 2014
Figuring out where we are in the universe makes "Where's Waldo" look like child's play. Wait, "Where's Waldo" is child's play, but locating our location in the universe is really cool science.

The U.S. Government's Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations

September 7, 2014
The Intercept
Using covert cyber operations to pilfer “proprietary information” and then determining how it ”would be useful to U.S. industry” is precisely what the U.S. government has been vehemently insisting it does not do, even though for years it has officially prepared to do precisely that.

Israel Confiscates Another 1,000 Acres of Palestinian Land

September 5, 2014
Al Jazeera America
Last Sunday the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confiscated nearly 1,000 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank, a move the Israeli organization Peace Now termed "unprecedented in its scope since the 1980s." Peace Now said this recent seizure of 990 acres of Palestinian land places yet another "obstacle" in the road to a two-state solution. Israel confiscated 243 acres in the same area in April.

September 10th: Global Day of Action for Internet Neutrality

September 5, 2014
On September 10th advocates for "net neutrality" will launch a global day of protest, the Battle for the Net's Internet Slowdown, simulating what the world wide web may soon look like without concerted action. The action is part of the campaign to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from bowing to the giant cable companies' demand for a two-tier internet system, with arbitrary fees and slow and fast lanes for internet traffic.

NATO Deploys Military "Spearhead" Against Russia

September 6, 2014
Common Dreams
In a dangerously provocative decision, the heads of state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) decided last week to deploy a "rapid response force" for Eastern Europe. Citing what it termed "Russian aggression," NATO will develop a "spearhead" of some 5,000 elite troops to deploy against Russia.

Long Term Unemployed Increased 85% Since 2008 Recession

September 5, 2014
The Guardian
The Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) reports the long-term unemployed in the world's major economies has increased by 85% since the financial crash of 2008, and the "structural reforms" and austerity measures imposed in its wake.