Boycott of Israel

Senate Bill 720: Making It a Crime to Support Palestinian Rights

James J. Zogby
Arab American Institute/Washington Watch
It is fascinating to watch certain US senators tripping over themselves as they attempt to defend their support for or opposition to the proposed legislation that would make it a crime to support the campaign to Boycott, Divest, or Sanction Israel (BDS) for its continued occupation of Palestinian lands.

The BDS Movement at 10: An Interview with Omar Barghouti

Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss
Mondoweiss co-editors Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss talk with Palestinian human rights activist Omar Barghouti, on the 10th anniversary of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement. Barghouti is co-founder of the movement, which, he says, has played a critical role in changing the discourse on the question of Palestine after more than two decades of a “fraudulent peace process” that undermined Palestinian rights and served as a fig leaf for Israeli expansion.