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Tidbits - February 16, 2017 - Reader Comments - Lots: James Baldwin; Elizabeth Warren; Know Your Rights Guide; Readers debate role of Russia; Japanese Internment; Exploiting Black Labor; Resources; Announcements: and more...

Reader Comments - Lots: James Baldwin: "I Am Not Your Negro"; Elizabeth Warren - Nevertheless, She Persisted; Know Your Rights guide from the ACLU; Readers debate role of Russia; Iowa's New Union Busting Law - what it means for the whole country; Lessons from the Japanese Internment for Today's Anti-Immigrant Hysteria; Exploiting Black Labor after the Abolition of Slavery; Resources; Announcements: and more...

Why Doesn’t the Democratic Party Leadership Confront the Real Reasons Why Trump is an Illegitimate President ?

David Schwartzman
The real reason Trump is an illegitimate predident is because of a white supremacist Electoral College which weighs white votes more than Black and Jim Crow voter suppression. Democrats use Russia as a smokescreen to attack Russia because they don't want to attack the illegitimacy of the system.

No Plans to Abandon Our Freedom Dreams

Linda Burnham
In this roiling environment, it may seem that debate over “identity politics” is of relatively little consequence. But it is, in fact, central to how the Democratic Party and progressives approach 2018 and 2020, and to whether and how the party regroups to become an effective shield against the far-right onslaught. It is of enormous importance to a left that must focus its influence on shaping the political frameworks and strategies most capable of defeating Trumpism.