Donald Trump

Kicking Them While They’re Down: Trump’s Plan for Appalachia

Kenneth Surin
Appalachia, the federally defined region that consists of 490 counties in 13 states, is one of the poorest regions in the U.S., beset with unemployment but more importantly, with desperately low income levels among those with jobs. In 2016, 63% of Appalachian voters supported Donald Trump. And his proposed budget would reward them by making them even poorer, while eliminating the agency that compiles the statistics on Appalachian poverty, income, and employment.

Nuclear War Has Become Thinkable Again – We Need a Reminder of What it Means

Paul Mason
The Guardian (UK)
As Trump faces down North Korea, it’s alarming to think that most of the world’s nuclear warheads are now in the hands of men who are prepared to use them. We do know that Donald Trump has been obsessed since the 80s with nuclear weapons, that he refuses to take advice from military professionals and that he seems not to understand the core NATO concept of nukes as a political deterrent, as opposed to a military super weapon.