Bridging the Divide: Within Integrated Schools, De Facto Segregation Persists

Erica L. Green
Baltimore Sun
Black students who were demonstrating an ability to perform at or above grade level were being placed in remedial courses, Foose said. Elementary school students were being excluded from screening for gifted and talented courses, losing their chance to get on the track for high-level courses through middle school.

Worldwide, School Choice Hasn't Improved Performance

Henry M. Levin; Steve Hinnefeld
U.S. News and World Report
The experience of other countries suggests Betsy DeVos' voucher vision falls flat. Research led by an Indiana University professor confirms what school voucher critics have long argued: Voucher programs receive public funding yet discriminate on the basis of religion, disability status, sexual orientation and possibly other factors. Democratic political participation requires access to information, engagement in discourse and electoral activity to be effective.