Environmental Activism

Tidbits - October 26, 2017 - Reader Comments: Superstorm Sandy - March for Climate Action Now; Institutions Financing White Nationalism; Che Guevara; Balfour Declaration; Harvey Weinstein; Indonesian Slaughter; announcements; and more...

Reader Comments: 5th Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy - March for Climate Action Now; I Hate When They Say "He gave his life for his country" - Admiral Gene Larocque; Che Guevara; Harvey Weinstein’s Crimes; Women and the GOP; Solidarity with Striking Workers at Charter/Spectrum; SOA Watch Border Encuentro; and more ...

Beyond `No' and the Limits of `Yes': A Review of Naomi Klein's 'No Is Not Enough'

Robert Jensen
Building on her past work analyzing capitalism, Naomi Klein, in the book under review, does not stop with an analysis of the crises. She not only argues how to defeat the new shock politics of Trump (explicit in the subtitle), but outlines a resistance politics that not only rejects what she terms a domination/subordination dynamic but proceeds from saying "no" to the existing order to a "yes" to other values.

Louisiana's Oil and Gas Industry Continues Growing Along the Coast It's Helping Shrink

Julie Dermansky
The Louisiana coast loses a football field’s worth of land every 38 minutes. This staggering rate of land loss has been brought on by climate change and coastal erosion accelerated by human activities, including water diversion projects and damage done by the oil and gas industry. Moderator's Note: Go to original source for mind-boggling photos of criminal devastation.

Environmentalism Was Once a Social Justice Movement

Jedediah Purdy
The Atlantic
The Trump Administration is likely to see the greatest revival of environmentalism as a confrontational, grassroots, and perhaps radical movement since the 1970s, as ever more people who believe the fate of the environment has become a life-or-death issue are going to start acting like it. But to be successful this movement will have to embrace environmental justice and incorporate the struggles for economic and racial equality and for the rights of indigenous peoples.