Inequality — “X” Marks the Spot — Dig Here

Stan Sorscher
Huffinton Post The Blog
This de-coupling of wages from productivity has drawn a trillion dollars out of the labor share of GDP. Economics does not explain what happened in the mid-70s.It was not the oil shock. Not interest rates. Not the Fed, or monetary policy. Not robots, or the decline of the Soviet Union, or globalization, or the internet.The sharp break in the mid-70’s marks a shift in our country’s values. Our moral, social, political and economic values changed in the mid-70’s.

Why Men Don’t Believe the Data on Gender Bias in Science

Alison Coil
While sexual harassment is certainly an issue, we need to look deeper at gender bias. Women who do make it to the upper ranks have often been told that they were only given that job or that award because they are women, implying that the field is admitting less-deserving women simply to increase their numbers. In fact, these studies show that many of the women in science must be more capable than the men, to even have advanced in the field. And who wants to admit that?