Three Myths the Telecom Industry is Using to Convince Congress to Repeal the FCC’s Privacy Rules, Busted

E. Falcon, J. Gillula, C. McSherry, K. Tummarello
Electronic Frontier Foundation
(Fair warning: some of these are fairly wonky, so if you’re not the type that gets excited by telecom law, you can always skip to the part where you call your senators and representative and tell them not to repeal the FCC’s ISP privacy rules—because if we raise our voices together, we can stop Congress before it’s too late.)

Making Sense of Modern Pornography

Katrina Forrester
The New Yorker
Disagreement on the left reigns over pornography. Is it in essence the objectification of capitalist commodity relations applied to "the other" with possibly disastrous social consequences, or is its celebration of eroticism potentially subversive of an entire repressive culture? The book under review examines the modern porn industry where the Internet has made it ubiquitous, and access on many sites even free.

Hacker-Proof Code Confirmed

Kevin Hartnett
Computer scientists can prove certain programs to be error-free with the same certainty that mathematicians prove theorems. The advances are being used to secure everything from unmanned drones to the internet. However, they're not claiming they are going to prove an entire system is correct, 100 percent reliable in every bit, down to the circuit level. "That’s ridiculous to make those claims."

Left Forum 2015 - Full Conference Schedule - 400 Panels & Events - This Weekend in New York; Portsiders Appearing at these Panels

A number of Portside readers has asked us to share information about panels they are participating in with other readers. Some of the panel participants include moderators of Portside.(Full conference program includes 400 panels, workshops and events.) The 11 panels below may be of particular interest to Portside readers.