Top Israelis Have Warned of Apartheid So Why the Outrage at a UN Report

Mehdi Hasan
The Intercept
For 50 years leading Israelis have warned the continued occupation would lead to an apartheid state. But last week, when a United Nations Commission confirmed, “Israel has established an apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people,” all hell broke loose. Under pressure from the Trump Administration, the U.N. secretary-general removed the report from its website and demanded the Commission chair Rima Khalef withdraw the report. She resigned in protest.

‘Junction 48’ Film Review: Permission to Rhyme

Khelil Bouarrouj
Palestine Square
Udi Aloni's Junction 48 is a melodic drama set Isreal in the town of Lydd (Lod) with a nearly all-Palestinian cast that forcefully confronts anti-Arab racism in Israel by shining a light on the oft-forgotten Palestinian citizens of Israel (PCIs). (The title Junction 48 presumably refers to Lydd’s historic transit-point between Palestine and Egypt and the designation often applied to PCIs as “’48 Palestinians.”)

'We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing' : Pappe demolishes the peace process

Philip Weiss
The ethnic cleansing of some 500 villages in 1948 was followed by the ethnic cleansing of 36 Palestinian villages inside Israel between ‘48 and ‘56 and the creation of the Gaza Strip as a refugee camp for expelled Palestinians. From the early ’60s on an Israeli “lobby” of generals and politicians demanded that Israel also colonize the West Bank. David Ben-Gurion stood in the way but in 1964 he was expelled from the government and the lobby gained power.

Congressional Letter Puts Spotlight on Abuse of Palestinian Children

Kate Gould
In arguably the strongest signal Congress has ever sent in support for Palestinian human rights, 19 members of Congress sent a letter June 20th to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urging the Department of State to make the human rights of Palestinian children a priority in the U.S. bilateral relationship with Israel. The letter was initiated by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN), and focuses a Congressional spotlight on Israeli military abuse of Palestinian children.

The Nakba: The Intentional, Deliberate and Systematic Dispossession of the Palestinians

Dr. Hatem Bazian
American Muslims for Palestine
Palestine’s modern colonization begins with British troops landing on Mediterranean shores and moving northward from Egypt conquering the remaining parts of Ottoman territories. “Great” Britain’s planning, machinations and intrigues started earlier but the end of WWI, November 29th, 1917 is the accurate date for the loss of Palestine. From this date, Palestine and the Palestinians were set for dispossession and major powers manipulation to bring about a Jewish state.