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Tidbits - December 7, 2017 - Reader Comments: Jerusalem Catastrophe - Jewish Opposition; GOP Tax Plan-Tread Softly Congress; Portside's Annual Fund Appeal; Vietnam War; ;Poor People's Campaign; Socialist Upsurge; and more....

Reader Comments: Jerusalem Catastrophe - Jewish Voice for Peace; IfNotNow; New Israel Fund; GOP Tax Plan Biggest Increase in American History; Portside's Annual Fund Appeal; Flynn's Guilty Plea...and Trump; Honduras; California Built on Genocide; Resources - 50 years since 1968 and Vietnam War; Announcements - Poor People's Campaign; The Socialist Upsurge in the US

America's Imperial Unraveling

Aziz Rana, Aslı U. Bâli
Boston Review
If there is something like a “Trump Doctrine,” it lies in two developments: the boldness with which a declared reliance on coercion and conquest now sits uncomfortably beside America’s professed moral authority; and the implications of Trump’s ethno-nationalism for how global allies and enemies are conceived.

The Balfour Declaration’s 100 Year Legacy of Racism and Propaganda

Dan Freeman-Maloy
In November 1917, British foreign secretary Lord Arthur Balfour declared British support for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”; in December, Jerusalem fell to British troops, and the effects of these events continue to reverberate. The Balfour Centennial should be a time of somber reflection about global responsibility for the tragedy in Palestine, which is more than a local record of colonial crimes, severe as these have been.