net neutrality

Three Myths the Telecom Industry is Using to Convince Congress to Repeal the FCC’s Privacy Rules, Busted

E. Falcon, J. Gillula, C. McSherry, K. Tummarello
Electronic Frontier Foundation
(Fair warning: some of these are fairly wonky, so if you’re not the type that gets excited by telecom law, you can always skip to the part where you call your senators and representative and tell them not to repeal the FCC’s ISP privacy rules—because if we raise our voices together, we can stop Congress before it’s too late.)

Net Neutrality Is Here — Thanks To An Unprecedented Guerrilla Activism Campaign

Lee Fang
The Intercept
Only a year ago, net neutrality seemed doomed. Companies such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner Cable, had lobbied furiously against the rule, spending tens of millions on lobbying and on so-called “astroturf” efforts to pay third party groups to support their position. Now net neutrality rules are stronger than ever. The credit for such a seachange, say activists who agitated for the decision, belongs to a mix of online and traditional activism.

New Coalition Enters Global Fight For Digital Democracy

Nadia Prupis
Common Dreams
On November 25th more than 35 human rights and technology organizations from 19 countries announced the formation of the 'This Is Net Neutrality' Coalition, to define and protect 'net neutrality' and lead what they say is a global battle to protect online freedom. The new coalition has created a website to provide resources for activists, academics, policy makers and technologists committed to an open internet.